Pakistan asks India to honour cotton import deals | Pakistan Today

Pakistan asks India to honour cotton import deals

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has raised the issue of cotton bales with India asking it to respect deals already finalised by the private sector of the two countries. This was stated by the Minister for Textiles Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan, while talking to media following a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Textiles.
He said that Pakistan has asked India to allow import of 300,000 bales of cotton for which deals had already been signed. “We have asked India not to loose its credibility over the already signed deals”.
The minister disclosed that India, Bangladesh and even other affected countries were lobbying against the recently announced tariff concessions for Pakistan textile products by the European Union. “We have tried to clear their misperception but mainly our lobbying remains limited to EU states”.
The President Asif Ali Zardari would soon ask the United States to enhance market access for Pakistani products. He added that they were confident to get greater market access from US and the EU.

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