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PCCR okays SC recommendations on judges’ appointment

ISLAMABAD: The Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) on Friday unanimously approved all recommendations given by the Supreme Court (SC) regarding the appointment of judges.
The committee’s recommendations will now be presented in the upcoming session of the National Assembly. The parliamentary committee for judges’ appointment will have eight members – four each from the National Assembly and the Senate.
The four members from the Senate will continue to form the committee even if the National Assembly is dissolved. And in that case, three of the four members of the Senate could accept or reject the nomination of a judge. The meeting said the committee had two
options to give these recommendations a constitutional cover – either by amending the constitution or by passing a resolution at a joint session of parliament. In case a judge’s nomination is rejected, the committee will send the names back to the Judicial Commission through the prime minister.
A source told Pakistan Today that the PCCR also made it binding on parliamentary committee members to give concrete suggestions in case of the nomination is rejected by the judicial commission.
Later, briefing reporters after the meeting, committee Chairman Raza Rabbani said a sub-committee had been formed to finalise the proposed draft in the light of the constitutional reforms committee’s recommendations.

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