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GST imposition to hike sugar price: PSMA

LAHORE: The Chairman of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) Javed Kayani has cautioned the government that levy of reformed GST on sugar would hike ex-mill price by at least Rs 10 per kg.
This would add to the miseries of consumers who are already groaning under inflationary pressures. PSMA has requested the Federal Finance Minister to obviate sugar from the reformed GST imposition in order to allow price stay at a reasonable level. He gave examples of countries where all essential kitchen items are not subject to taxes.
Javed Kayani argued that business decisions should be taken prudently. He maintained that authorities should look to alleviate problems faced by the poor strata of the society instead of passing the burden of sales tax on the poor consumers.
Javed Kayani lamented that prices of sugar, an essential household item, have always been a serious concern and felt that all stakeholders should take responsibility to ensure that prices do not spiral.

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