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Watson considered suicide

Opera star Russell Watson was in such agony during his battle with brain cancer, he considered leaping to his death from a hotel balcony. The tenor was diagnosed with a pituitary gland growth in 2005, and was devastated when the tumour returned two years later.
He won his fight against the disease in 2007 following surgery, but Watson admits his ordeal brought him close to giving up on life. The singer tells, “I am quite religious and I remember really praying and demanding, ‘Why me? Why twice?’ “I thought I was going to lose everything, I thought my career was over.
I just couldn’t believe it had happened for the second time. It seemed so unfair. There was one time when I felt like ending it all. I was standing on a balcony of a hotel in L.A. and I just thought I’ve had enough.’ I thought of throwing myself off, but that was because the pain was so bad and I just wanted it to stop.
But I wouldn’t have done it – I’ve always seen myself as a fighter and I wasn’t going to give in.”

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