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Petition filed against Taseer for asking for Aasia’s pardon

LAHORE: A petition is filed before the Lahore High Court challenging the alleged move of Punjab governor to get blasphemy convict Aasia Bibi pardoned.
The petition filed by Chuadhry Shahid Iqbal Advocate asks the court to declare proceedings carried out by government of Punjab, the Governor of Punjab and the Federal Law Ministry to Aasia Bibi acquitted of the blasphemy charge be declared illegal and unlawful.
The petitioner represented by a seven member panel of lawyers said the Governor’s personal secretary must be directed to explain that under what authority the governor has given the statement declaring Aasia as innocent.
The petitioner sought assurance of no further interference from the governor’s office on the matter. The petitioner claimed that since the matter is pending before the courts, all inquiry committee constituted by federal and provincial government should be declared illegal and suspended.
The petition submitted the details of the FIR against Aasia bibi and the details of the court judgement against her. The petion claimed that the Governor Punjab’s statements on his visit to Aasia Bibi in District Jail Sheikhupura read that he has perused the record and had found Aasia innocent and recommend a presidential pardon was illegal.
The petition claimed the governor had used insulting language towards the penal provision of section 295-C of PPC. The petition claimed the two inquiry committees set up by the Punjab and federal government would bring to light the facts of the case.
The petition claimed the matter was sub judice and the governors remarks amount to a lack of confidence in the credibility of courts and could be considered contempt of court.

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