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Sindh minister gifts ‘dead’ falcons to Zardari’s Arab friend

KARACHI: Sindh Wildlife Minister Dr Daya Ram Essrani has gifted nine precious hunting peregrine falcons, recovered by his department during a raid, to an Arab dignitary who is reportedly a close friend of President Asif Ali Zardari.
The falcons were recovered on the first day of Eidul Azha during a raid at the Jinnah International Airport from where the endangered and protected birds were being flown to Doha, Qatar. After the raid, the conservator of the Sindh Wildlife Department told reporters that four of the nine falcons had died, but the dead birds were never shown to the media.
Sources said that on Wednesday, all nine birds were handed over to the employees of a UAE dignitary. They said the Arab prince had set up camp in Punjab and had been gifted the birds so he could use them to hunt houbara bustards, another endangered and protected bird species.
Dr Essrani refused to comment on the issue. Sindh Chief Minister’s Adviser on Information Sharmila Farooqui denied that the birds had been gifted to anyone.

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