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Prices of cattle expected to fall just before Eid

LAHORE: The prices of sacrificial animals in the city’s nine cattle markets are expected to fall before Eid night, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The high prices and refusal of vendors to change price has kept cattle buyers way.
The result of this pattern has been that cattle sellers are increasingly desperate to sell off their cattle. The buyer abstention this year appears to have come as a surprise.
With sellers from outside Lahore want to go back to their homes before Eid night, the lack of serious buyers has left them wondering what they shall do. Vendors have stuck to their old rates but it is expected that the lack of buyers will result in a decrease in animal price. The two working days Monday and Tuesday before Eid bound people from approaching the cattle markets.
Usman Anjum, a consumer, talking to Pakistan Today said he was unable to approach the market after returning from from office at 6:00 pm. He said he was too exhausted to visit the market.
The prices of sacrificial animals this year have far exceeded previous years which suggests people won’t be able to buy animals until just before Zilhaj.
Liaquat Ali a cattle seller from Sahiwal at Johar Town said that he had came to Lahore to sell his animals at a better rate but uncertainty is prevailing in the market which is lacking serious buyers. He said buyers visit, ask rates and left without purchasing.
Akram Sindhu, a vendor at Allama Iqbal Townm told Pakistan Today that the market is slower this year with buyers complaining about the price hike. Muhammed Ali, another vendor at the Johar Town sale point near Expo centre was depressed since he was unable to sale his cattle for the last three days and worried about the fact that consumers are not coming to the market.
Husnain Akram, a local resident, said that he had not bought sacrificial animal yet and was planning to buy just before Eid day. He said that this is a market routine the prices are always high early on and fall just before the night of Eid.

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