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The sacrifice of sanitation

Eid-ul-Azha is coming and this means that every city in the country is going to turn into a slaughterhouse with animal parts gracing every corner of every street and the faithful literally painting the town red.

This animal sacrifice is indeed a Muslim ritual which should be observed but the same code that compels us to make this sacrifice also makes the exhortation of cleanliness and being a good citizen. It is each individuals responsibility to dispose off the waste of their sacrifice with due diligence. Also, the government should be proactive, given that our citizenry is less than model and will not fulfill its individual duty. Seeing entire Lahore turned into an abattoir is not a pretty sight and I hope that good sense can prevail amongst the people to not only take care of their sacrifice but also of the citys environment and cleanliness. This is, after all, the real things amongst others that the spirit of this sacrifice is supposed to teach us.