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Reform yourself, not GST!

It is the government that needs to be reformed first. It ought to decimate corruption, mis-governance, incompetence, grandiosity, grandeur, billion of dollars leakages within its ranks from top slot to the bottom most and its putrefied coalition mafia of opportunists, target killers, bathkhors, enemies of seventeen crore poor, anti Kalabagh Dam, pro IPPs, Rental units, promoting joint clout of PPP-, MQM, ANP, MMA.

They must pay back to the nation hundred of billion dollars kickbacks, commissions in every deal, project negotiated, waiving loans by fifty two billion rupees in last two years, they pocketed rendering debts to rise by three thousand billions in last three years thus enslaving country to drones, UK, USA, WB, IMF etc. Adding to such national predicaments has been their ugly record of obstructing functioning of judiciary besides negligence on security, law and order situation, regular target killing in Karachi leaving perpetrators to remain scot free.

The nation has been destroyed by the politicking of the various political parties. However, the worst possible hypocrites amongst them is a particular party who permanently sits in governments of generals, waderas, jagirdars, sarmayadars and pretends to be against them while it is a hundreds of billion dollars outfit.

It is the greatest misfortune of country that they are promoted by their foot soldiers in the media especially in TV who are all terrified by their militant power or carry ethnic biases and even defend bloodbaths of May, October 2007-08 and earlier. Unless, the system polluted by the above vicious cartel is not reformed nothing good can happen to the country and the poor will be befooled by them with deceptive jhoote slogans. It is time to get rid of them, sooner the better.




By creating newer crises everyday, the PPP government, its opportunists coalition partners cleverly succeed in covering the hundreds of billon dollars corruption.

The horrendous scams of PSML, PIA, EOBI, Insurance, PSDP, oil, IPPs, rental units rice, bijli, water, roti, kapra, makan, breaches of bunds, flood disaster, judicial crisis, black waters, target killings in thousands and overall incompetence, mismanagement from day one of its assuming power are cleverly concealed under their coalition carpets. The latest one is reformed GST.

They are keeping the whole nation busy in discussing it to launch another plunder of this government. While other parties are trying to score political points by offering fraudulent and sham opposition as usual.

The PPP tell us that RGST will reduce from 17 percent to 15 percent in electricity bill. But they will not tell of the hundreds of other items and sectors where it multiplies.

The consolation offered on reduced electricity duty is a subterfuge to deflect from the already unprecedented raised tariff rates (with future increases in the pipeline) of Wapda and so the story goes about every product and services.

I would say that even Satan would be ashamed of these political parties and their wicked blackmailing gimmickry and lies. But they cannot hoodwink the Power who never sleeps and soon find His mills grinding them finest the way they have defrauded and ruined the poor.