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What a disgrace

There is a long list of corruption and myriad scams related to the Indian Army. Even the former Army Chiefs right-hand man was involved in land grabbing scandal.

The recent Adarsh Cooperation Housing Society (ACHS) case is the one which has really jolted the minds of everyone with a conscience. The ACHS was planned for the families of the soldiers killed in Kargil. But the flats were allotted to influential politicians, bureaucrats and other people related with defence personnel. Even the former Indian Army Chief N C Vij purchased one of the flat as Kargil beneficiary.

The politicians and others having multiple properties declared their income at Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 only to get a flat. The reason is simple.

The value of the property is among the costliest in Mumbai. Secondly, all of them purchased these flats at a tenth of the prevailing prices in the market. When the media disclosed the reality everyone showed their unawareness that the flats were for widows of Kargil soldiers.

The scam highlights the magnitude of corruption crossing all limits and even not sparing the families of the soldiers who gave everything in the name of their country.

This latest example is indicative of low morality and an eye opener to what is happening in the so-called democratic and secular state of the region which is struggling to get a permanent UNSC seat. Is this claim for grabbing the lands of the neighbouring countries?