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Karachi blast

Another massive explosion ripped through the head office of the Crime Investigation Department (CID), located at a busy street in the commercial capital of Pakistan, Karachi. 18 people have been killed and more than 120 injured in this terrorist attack.

Majority of the citizens are of the opinion that this is a reaction to the arrest of six militants in Karachi earlier this week. The terrorist organizations are not limited to just the tribal areas but they have widened their activities in all directions.

I urge the authorities to enhance the local intelligence. There are few ways to stop a suicide bomber who is ready to die for the cause but the affect can surely be minimized with better intelligence. The terrorists must pay for civilian lives with the eradication of their extremist agenda from the country.




The TTP struck again; this time outside a CID building, killing more than 18 people and injuring more than 120. This attack was a reminder for all of us, who still think this war is not ours and is imposed on us by an outside force. The casualties were real and the impact it had was enormous, so much that the metrological departments Richter scale recorded a jolt of 1.3.

We are always upfront in criticizing NATO forces in case of a drone attack, but very few among us criticize the Taliban. This apathy is seriously incomprehensible. We need to own this war, not for someone elses advantage but for our own survival and safety. Those who were killed in this blast were unaware of what was going to happen. It could have been you or me. Its time we boycott the extremist forces that are seen spreading venom among the civilians and must help the forces that are working for our protection.




Karachi was yet again attacked by the terrorist and no stranger to terrorism, the recent attack was one of its kinds not witnessed before.

A total of 395 bomb blasts have taken place in Pakistan until this month. Some 1352 people have died in the streak of terrorist attacks until now and more than 3000 have been injured.

The need of the hour is that citizens of Pakistan unite and fight the menace of terrorism with unity. We must promote elements of tolerance and affection in our societies so that an echo chamber of discouragement is created for the terrorist organizations. Let us not lose hope as victory against terrorists is around the corner.