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Air Force bombing

As result of bombing by the Air Force jets, 19 extremists were killed and 20 wounded in the Aurakzai Agency in Fata (news report on Nov 11). As many as five houses of extremists were also destroyed during the mission.

Our Shaheens are doing a neat job of making mince meat of the extremists. But isnt the fight out of proportion, as the extremists are only equipped with light arms. The basic question is how the Air Force selects its targets and how it avoids killing women, children, old and the sick when the bombing decimates the whole village.

It, therefore, raises serious doubts about the bombing runs by jets in FATA that these missions kill more innocent than the guilty, if any. Killing people indiscriminately and demolishing their houses when winter approaches is indeed a heartless act.

What has gone wrong with the collective conscience of the nation? How would we feel if our houses are blown to pieces, women and children killed, because in the locality live a few extremists? Let us keep in mind. Its extremists today; its us tomorrow.