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Nailbiting contest makes for entertaining affair

LAHORE: FC College parliamentary debates continued on the second day. Top debaters put their well honed skills to test against debutant rivals in the second round of the competition.
Newcomers provided a tough opponent for experienced debaters as their enthusiasm and freshness made up for their lack of expertise. The result was that most debates were nail biters.
A galvanizing atmosphere was experienced throughout the campus on day 2 with both organizers and participants looking extremely busy and participants preparing and praying for success.
Teams: The invigorating debates flamed ferocious parliamentary speaking in both Urdu and English languages. FCCU became the proud host of a fine competition of public speaking, bringing out the best in Lahore’s youth.
Around 52 teams from all recognized institutions of Pakistan are participating in this event.
The parliamentary teams from the likes of GIKI, GCU, KC, KIMS, PU, UET, LACAS, SICAS, LSE, LUMS, LGS, BEACONHOUSE, Pakistan College of Law, SISA etc competed among themselves in the league matches. So far the teams from Lahore College of Arts and Science (LACAS) and Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) (PU) are dominating the contests and are tournament favourites.
The topics being debated were “This house believes that changes in the administrative structure of the United Nations are essential for world peace” and the humor round topic being “This house believes that this president is better than that president”.
Teams argued in favour and against the aforesaid topics and presented thoughtful arguments.
Pakistan Today appreciated: Debating judge, Tauseef Sibah, himself an eminent debater, said there is unprecedented talent of debating in this part of the globe.
He appreciated Pakistan Today attempt to promote the debates stating, “In my early days, I did not witness this scale of debating. Special media coverage always remained a far cry for us”
Participants lauded Pakistan Today’s efforts in promoting debating and also commended the quality of the newspaper and wished its success. They said that Pakistan Today has set a new trend in sponsoring a debating event, which helps promote the ideas and talent of the youth. such an event, which is beneficial for the youth.
The routine: Teams were accompanied by resource persons who helped the participants to build strong arguments for debate.
The second day started at 10 am, as the teams of Round II pulled up their socks and started the battle at 10 30 am, followed by the refreshments at 12 pm. Round III kicked off at 1 PM as the half day was marked by the lunch at 3 PM.
Two more rounds were held at 4 and 6 30 pm. A special themed dinner was also arranged to compensate the day long struggle of participants. The quarter finals will commence tomorrow, November 7th, 2010, however the grand final will commence on Monday 8th November 2010 in the FC College Auditorium.

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