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LPG price hike adds to people’s woes

LAHORE: An increase in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices by Rs 12 per kilogramme on Wednesday has left the people thunderstruck.
People have expressed displeasure over the decision of the government, adding that the officials did not care about the living conditions of the public. LPG is used in rickshaws and other means of transport used by the lower and the middle class.
Roadside stalls and khokhas also use it in their stoves. An increase in the prices of LPG will result in increased cost and consequently increased prices on these stalls which are also visited by the lower and the middle classes, directly impacting their standard of living.
Domestic consumers in areas where natural gas has not been provided also use LPG cylinders for their household needs.
After the increase, the prices per kg have jumped from Rs 95 to Rs 107. “The price announced today (Wednesday) will create a lot of problems for the masses,” LPG Distributors Association Vice Chairman Siddiq Khan said, adding that the government should give an exemption in sales tax to give relief to the public.
“The consumption of LPG increases in the winter and the government could relieve people by waiving off sales tax on the product for three months. That will bring the prices down by Rs 17 per kg,” he added.
Consumption increases from 1,900 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes during winter, Khan said, adding that local producers were still producing only 1,400 to 1,500 tonnes per day. The government needed to take steps to improve production, he said.
The rickshaw drivers, perturbed by this decision, lamented that the people would argue with them if they increase fares. “Everyone will quarrel with us now,” said a rickshaw driver Suhail Saleem adding that an increase of Rs 10 per kg increase meant Re 1 increase on every kilometre.
Commuters who use rickshaws have also condemned the apathy displayed by the government. “I used to pay Rs 130 per day to rickshaw drivers for going to my office but now they are demanding Rs 150. This is becoming unaffordable,” said a business executive Usman Khan.
Roadside food vendors said they would have to raise their prices with an increase in LPG prices. “I used to sell burgers for Rs 40 per piece now I will have to raise its price to Rs 45. My business will suffer,” said a burger seller Muhammad Kaleem.
Another vendor, Majid Ali said other food items like samosas, pakoras, shwarmas etc are also cooked on LPG and their prices will also increase.

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