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Nawaz resisting pressure

LAHORE: Despite a strong pressure from vested interests, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif is in no mood to go for unification with other PML factions, including the PML-Q.
The reason for his unwillingness, according to party insiders, was a strong belief on part of Nawaz that all the moves for the PML unification were being sponsored by the establishment, with which the PML-N and its leadership did not want to align at any cost.
Party leaders close to Nawaz said the PML-N had been trying to ascertain as to who had crafted the unification in the first place. “How come Pir Pagara decided to shun his long political hibernation and what made people like Ijazul Haq and Humayun Akhtar to rally around the spiritual leader, who has a history of close relations with the establishment,” a senior PML-N leader said.
The party leaders said Nawaz believed that certain macabre forces wanted the PML-N and its leadership be discredited in the eyes of voters by bracketing it with other PML factions. They said certain vested interests had been pressing Nawaz to join other PML, but he was neither listening to these elements nor interested to deal with the leaguers.
“These vested interests approached Nawaz with a unification message from Musharraf in Saudi Arabia. Some of those elements are again out to persuade Nawaz to accept the proposal of the PML unification under the leadership of Pir Pagara,” sources said.
They added that the PML-N leaders felt that certain forces had been working against the party and “we have evidence that these forces acted against us in the recent by-elections”.

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