Dengue fever kills 24 across the country - Pakistan Today

Dengue fever kills 24 across the country

ISLAMABAD: At least 24 people have died of dengue virus across the country, while the disease has been confirmed in 3,395 patients so far.
According to statistics released by the National Health Department on Friday, four people died of dengue fever and 430 dengue patients were diagnosed with the virus in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Sindh is the most-affected province where sixteen people have been killed and 1,810 affected by the virus. At least two out of 1,000 dengue patients died in Punjab, one out of 150 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while the virus has so far stayed away from Balochistan.
In the last 24 hours 183 new dengue virus patients were registered in Lahore alone, while 16 dengue patients were diagnosed in the rest of the province.
According to the Punjab Health Department, 1,165 dengue patients have so far been registered in Punjab.

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