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PML-Q dissidents rule out joining the Chaudhrys

The Pakistan Muslim League-Q Likeminded group has ruled out chances to return to the Chaudhrys, saying they were playing the role of PPP ‘B’ team instead of respecting the public mandate.
Unveiling a roadmap for the country’s recovery on Thursday, Likeminded group President Saleem Saifullah told reporters that his group was ready to sit with all political forces in the best interest of the country.
He said that PML-F leader Pir Pagara had invited his group for consultation on Friday (today). PML-Q likeminded Secretary General Humanyun Akhtar said it was not the time to criticise others, but to sit together for the nation’s development.
Atta Manika said the group would never allow any political force to disrespect the people’s mandate. “We have no expectations from the government,” Manika said, adding that they would not allow the PPP dominate the province.
He said time was not far when the roadmap given by the likeminded leaders will be adopted to ensure progress of the country. To a question, Manika said they were aware of the reality that the PML-N was not offering any ministries or posts, but they favoured it to save Punjab from the PPP.

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