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Militants threaten attacks on Bari Imam and Golra Sharif shrines

ISLAMABAD: Bari Imam and Golra Sharif shrines have received fresh threats of terrorism that endanger the life of hundreds of devotees visit the shrines everyday.
The managements of shrines informed the law enforcement agencies on Thursday that they had received fresh threats from unknown people saying they would carry out subversive acts on the shrines. “The threats have intensified fears and concerns among the devotees about their safety”, a police official told the Pakistan Today.
The official, on the condition of anonymity, said that various terrorists’ groups including Ghazi Force, a militant group that sprung after the Red Mosque operation, were active in the city. “The bigwigs of police are taking the threats seriously and they have ordered to tighten up security at the shrines and operations against the outlaws in the suburban areas of the city,” he added.
He said that the security agencies’ focus was on the Ghazi Force because it had been behind some of the deadly terrorist attacks in the capital city since 2007. The Islamabad police have also arrested few members of Ghazi Force but its leaders are still present in Islamabad”, he said.
The official said that Ghazi Force had expended its network across the country that made it difficult for police to cease its activities. He said that police had enhanced security around the shrines and worship places to prevent any untoward incident.
After the new threats law enforcement agencies have installed walk through gates and laid down barbed wires around the shrine of Barri Imam and Golra Sharif, he said.

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