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Good governance?

The PML(N) leader Nawaz Sharif has been preaching good governance to the prime minister. He has been asking him to take independent decisions in the interest of the country.

I would like to ask him why he is not advising the same to his younger brother who is Chief Minster of Punjab. The previous government left a surplus amount of Rs 85 billion in the Punjab government accounts. At present, the government of Punjab have borrowed Rs 200 billion form banks. This loan is not for development projects but for administrative expenses. Not a single mega development project had been initiated during the two and half years the present Punjab government came into power.

Even the programmes started by earlier government, such as Lahore light train, mass transport system, etc are put on a hold.

There are a number of colleges that were upgraded by the previous government but they are still awaiting staff to make them operational. Even the Zakat fund, provided to the Punjab government by the Federal government for distribution among the poor, has not been distributed during the last three years.

The Punjab Chief Minister should delegate his authority and responsibility to other ministers and take decision on the basis of collective wisdom to strengthen the democracy. We have seen even the military dictators having an absolute power fail miserably when they do not help and work for the public.