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Assassinations affect markets

KARACHI: Assassinations in Karachi penetrated the major commercial hubs of the financial capital of Pakistan on Tuesday.
Sher Shah, where the most tragic assassination took place, is Asia’s largest market for second-hand machinery, spare parts and scrap. The killing of 12 innocent people in this market has dealt a heavy blow to business activity in the region.
All the shops were shut down soon after the killings as the shopkeepers took off to take part in the rescue work. The second assassination took place on Akbar Road, adjacent to Saddar commercial area. Akbar Road market is one of the busiest commercial areas in the city, famous for the sale and purchase of new and secondhand motorbikes, spare parts and repair work.
Black day will be marked in the city tomorrow. As the killings have gone out of the control of the government, all the segments of the society are waiting for the government to deploy the Army in Karachi to launch an operation against assassinations.

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