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‘Thank God it’s not that warm today’

LAHORE: The weather remained hazy after midday, on Monday, in the provincial capital of Punjab and the temperature kept cool. Locals took a sigh of relief as the recorded temperature of Lahore was comparatively lesser than the past few days.
The hazy weather took over the skies of Lahore after 11am and lingered on till dusk. The highest recorded temperature according to the Meteorology Department Lahore was 33 degree Celsius where as the lowest was 22.3. On Sunday the highest recorded temperature was 34 degree Celsius and the minimum was 23.2.
“Thank God its not that warm today”, said Zaheer, a man owning a roadside hotel. “But its half past October, it should be a lot cooler than this” he added. DFO Mohammad Amjad while talking to Pakistan Today said that the reason why the weather appeared to be dusty and hazy was the humidity factor.
He revealed that the humidity in Lahore was 59% and confirmed that the weather would stay like this for the next couple of days. Amjad said that Lahore would not experience any sudden change in the weather until it pours. He forecasted that the upper Punjab might witness showers after 3 days which might become a reason of a sudden drop in temperature.

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