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Of parks and gardens

Lahore is known for many things. It is the cultural hub of Pakistan. Education, entertainment, film, theater, Mughal era buildings, museum and many other historical places have made the city worth visiting for everyone. One thing that makes it stand out is its parks and gardens but unfortunately, they seem to be neglected these days. There are heaps of dust and litter all around them, the lawns are not mowed and there are no facilities for children to enjoy in these parks.

These parks have become places of refuge for the shelterless people and addicts. If some of them are still in good shape, they lack other facilities fo the users, like lights, footpaths, jogging tracks and canteens.

The apathy shown by the government to these parks is appalling as these are the places that once contributed to the beauty of the city. Just remember the good old Shaliamar Garden, how it was considered the epitome of architecture and horticulture of the Mughal era.