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Commerce Ministers to sign APTTA

ISLAMABAD: Commerce Ministers of Pakistan and Afghanistan are expected to sign a final draft of the Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) in Kabul in the next few days.
Official sources at the Commerce Ministry informed that the visit of Commerce Minister, Makhdoom Amin Fahim was being worked out with the Afghan government. They said the agreement was likely to be signed by the two commerce ministers, either this week or next week.
The Federal Cabinet approved the agreement that allows duty-free transit facility to Afghan export goods on their trucks to Pakistani ports, as well as from land route through Wagah to India on October 7.
Pakistan will also provide a side letter to Afghanistan that disallows Indian exports to Afghanistan through Wagah at this stage. The side letter would not be part of the APTTA, however, feasible proposal in this regard could be discussed at an appropriate time in future, says the recorded note of the ministerial meeting between two countries held in July.
It is important to note that Afghanistan will reciprocate a similar concession for duty free transit facility to Pakistani goods.

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