Panama Papers film soon to be on Netflix

The Panama Papers riddle

Get ready. Get set. Go   “The contradictions in the past and the present statements of the prime minister, and his children with respect to the ownership of the offshore companies, and

Media Watch

‘Party hoppers’ in the age of the internet     Party hoppers are a bit of an elite when it comes to New Year’s celebrations but not so much when it comes

The quest for impartiality

Does NAB stand for Non-Accountability Bureau?   Controversy already surrounded the mechanism of plea bargain, and with the Mushtaq Ahmad Raisani scandal and he getting cleared of charges, owing to plea bargain,

Unravelling the PPP

  Father or son; which will it be?   During Zardari’s absence from Pakistan, the young chairman of the party made several uncompromising promises which he vowed to uphold to whatever the

qandeel baloch

Newsmaker 2016: Qandeel Baloch

Shine on you, crazy diamond Qandeel Baloch had the kind of vivacious brazenness that could have made her a star anywhere. This one-woman-show, initially thought to provide comic relief with her videos,


Newsmaker 2016: Arshad Khan

Shy Chai guy A modern day Cinderella story. A photographer was just walking about theitwaar bazaar in Islamabad and took a photograph of a Chaiwallah, uploaded it to her Instagram account and,