Editor’s Mail

Water crisis

With the passage of time, water crisis has taken quantum leaps towards the worst. Water is source of life but in our country, water crisis has disturbed the whole national life. It

Boost Innovation

It is undeniable that in today’s time and age, innovation, science and technology drive economies. The countries that invested in research and development and worked on improving the quality of their human

Drones and our Sovereignty

Aside from the joke that Pakistan’s titanium-layered passport and identity card survived smoldering drone strikes, the government has denounced the strike. Nevertheless, vested interests continue to allege that the strike enjoyed connivance


It appears WAPDA electricity complaint office is not operating in times of emergency.  Last night my House had electricity breakdown of one phase.  The whole night UPS was running while fans were

Ban on summer fees

I wish to applaud the Punjab government to ban the private schools from collecting three months fee during the summer vaccination. It is really appreciated work by the Punjab government because many

Air Pollution

WHO’s recently released air quality report ranked Peshawar and Rawalpindi as the 2nd and 5th most polluted cities of the world, respectively. The average Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 measurement for Peshawar was

Exam Shenanigans

Recently, the students of Girls Degree College Turbat, went to appear in their practical examination. The the examiner demanded 500 hundred rupees to each student without reason. When poor students refused to