Editor’s Mail

Saving the system

Kudos to social media activism and consistent follow up by a few TV channels – because of them, the Supreme Court took notice of Tayyaba’s torture case, though I believe that has

Coal pollution

CNN has reported that coal pollution in South East Asia would triple by 20300 while it is reducing in China.  The building of newcoal fired plants in South East Asia would result

The Afghan Dilemma

One of the toughest tests of diplomatic acumen in International relations is to have conducive relation with one’s neighbours which no country can change. Afghanistan has been a preoccupying neighbor for Pakistan

5% quota for minorities

  The decision by the Punjab government to allocate 5 per cent mandatory quota in government jobs for minorities is commendable because not only the constitution of Pakistan but our great religion


  The uproar and controversies over the traditional game of jallikattu [bull-taming] in Tamil Nadu in India are unfortunate and could have been avoided.     To be frank and honest, this

Digital libraries

The decision by the Punjab government to establish 151 digital, smart libraries across the province at an estimated cost of Rs940 million is commendable as the move will help promote reading and