Editor’s Mail

Traders defy state

Pakistan’s traders, retailers and wholesale business owners are defying state and writ of law by refusing to register with Income Tax and FBR. Over the years, failure by every elected and military

Mockery of justice

For crime to flourish in any society, any criminal act not punished in accordance with laws because of political exigencies, and where laws are selectively applied, anarchy takes over. In a country

Undue pressure

There is an ongoing story on TV channels in which undue pressure was exerted over the principle of a prime educational institution in Lahore for admission of four children of certain politicians

FIA investigations

Reference media reports about investigations being conducted by FIA to probe into organised corruption by political elite and paid bureaucracy of this unfortunate country who have transferred billions abroad and bought expensive

Documenting land records

Despite repeated promises by comparatively better governed Punjab provincial government, headed by Shahbaz Sharif, the powerful land mafia and corrupt civil bureaucracy have prevented computerised documentation of land record, along with location