Editor’s Mail

Ramzan respite

As a swish of good news, the Prime Minister has rejected proposal of price hike in petroleum products during the month of July due to the on-going Ramzan and Eid season. Though

Now or never

These days hundreds of deaths are being reported in Karachi due to heat and lack of water and shortage of power. Writers are accusing the rulers in not building a mega dam

A city nobody owns

  It is Karachi’s misfortune that while it has offered livelihood, shelter, fame and fortune to millions, but in reality other than claims of ownership, nobody really owns it. How else can

Workplace ethics

It is indeed disillusioning to see that the workplaces in Islamic Republic of Pakistan are emerging as romantic spots. The workplaces’ norms and ethics fail to recognize Islamic principles of modesty and

Facilitating durable peace

Pakistan, the host of world’s largest refugee population from Afghanistan, has always been genuinely and sincerely concerned with the security situation of Afghanistan. Currently Pakistan is facilitating peace negotiations between Afghanistan’s High

Neglected people

The unprecedented sacrifices rendered by the IDPs for the stability of Pakistan deserve to be written in golden words. They depart their dwellings and valuable properties in order to provide space to

Sacred excuse

The government had announced that there would be no load shedding during sehar and iftar times, without defining the duration of the two rituals. But the fact is that these two occasions

Our identity

Yesterday I saw a car with these Arabic words written on it: Ana al Bakistani (I am a Pakistani). Though our ‘al Bakistanis’ show hysteric love for their ‘Spiritual Masters’, it got