Editor’s Mail

Divided we fall

It pains me to affirm the fact that in bearing the brunt of political procrastination at the hands of our so called national leaders, the Pakistani nation has indeed divided. Unity which

Beating the bush

With the spectacular rise of the Islamic State (IS) in Levant, Al-Qaeda is on back-foot to prove its relevance in a changing world. To avoid any direct confrontation with IS, Al-Qaeda has

PPP’s delusion

Nothing could be further from truth than PPP referring to large scale allegations of electoral rigging as reason for their wipeout from Punjab. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto won landslide not from Sindh but

Take over PTI, SMQ

After Imran Khan, there’s no one more ambitious and overzealous than Shah Mahmood Qureshi in the PTI. With rash decisions and continuous dharnas, Imran’s popularity has suffered, especially when the government agreed