Editor’s Mail

Burraq laurels

The indigenous proud defence production, the drone Burraq, has reportedly achieved remarkable success in its maiden flight during a strike on Tirah valley. Tirah valley which is hub of militants and has

Bravo PIA

You have proven again that it is only the cosmetic changes which the airline management is interested in by projecting that air hostess’s uniform change will improve its image whereas the airline’s

Solar power could help us

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), responsible for regulating electricity in Pakistan, is not ready to approve Net Metering Tariff despite repeated requests to their officials. Net metering allows a customer

Pakistani Al Capones

Pakistan’s Al Capones during the past two decades in real estate, corruption, construction, human trafficking, kickbacks, tax evasion, organised crime, extortion, and massive flight of capital, have become stronger and wealthier, evading

WordPress banned?

After YouTube the Pakistani government has blocked WordPress — the popular blogging platform that empowers around 30 per cent of the internet. The ban is said to be temporary and on account