Editor’s Mail

Roll call

No one knows whether it was a routine roll call or a surprise for most of Pakistanis. Anyhow, when Altaf Hussain (or his representative) started the telephonic roll call from London on

Lemons and lemonade

Pakistan has one of the world’s worst income tax collection. With only 0.5% of the entire population registered for income tax, the FBR failed to achieve their thrice-revised tax collection target this

Come clean

We never learn any lesson from the history; it’s being now repeated in Iraq. Whatever Taliban did to the weak segments of the society such as women and children, and religious/sectarian minorities

Advice for PM

Reference to PML-N government’s promises that load shedding will be reduced during Ramadan and ugly reality of 12 hours daily power breakdowns even in DHA Lahore where electricity bill recovery is over

Arsalan and Imran

Can the media stop being distracted by Arsalan Iftikhar’s allegations and instead ask Mr Arsalan on what basis he accepted the job of Balochistan Investment Board. In the last case of Arsalan,

Need for political sanity

This is in reference to media reports about political insanity and seditious calls for extrajudicial intervention by certain irresponsible elements within opposition and equally irresponsible role of the party in power. People

Dire water shortage

Each day that passes water shortage is increasing in the country. Ground water level is going down which has already reached a precarious level. Urgent measures are needed to replenish water supply.

Installed capacity

Load shedding has turned every Pakistani into an energy expert. They talk nonstop of coal and gas, wind and solar, and even remember the total installed capacity but have completely forgotten that