Editor’s Mail

Need for political sanity

This is in reference to media reports about political insanity and seditious calls for extrajudicial intervention by certain irresponsible elements within opposition and equally irresponsible role of the party in power. People

Installed capacity

Load shedding has turned every Pakistani into an energy expert. They talk nonstop of coal and gas, wind and solar, and even remember the total installed capacity but have completely forgotten that

PIA’s unfortunate fate

Reference reports in media about administrative and financial collapse of national airline because of gross mismanagement, fudging balance sheet and corruption by successive politically appointed senior executives. In 1971 when an incompetent

Callous attitude

Through these lines I wish to highlight mismanagement at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), a prestigious public sector medical facility in Islamabad. On June 6, 2014, I visited PIMS for

Ramazan bazar

I had an experience of visiting Ramadan Bazaar yesterday and the very sight of it shocked me. It was a chaotic and bizarre scene. The vendors were selling goods at increased prices.

Which awam?

Each day TV channels din into our ears awam granting mandate to politicians. Interviews of selected awam are orchestrated on TV channels to convince us of genuine representatives of so called 18