Editor’s Mail

Women empowerment

Women empowerment, as we understand it today, is essentially a western concept and carries connotations that cannot be adopted by us in its totality. With women’s liberation, unisexualism, and equality of sexes

Brutality at its peak

On Wednesday morning, Assistant Professor Waheed-ur-Rehman of Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi, passed away in a firing attack at FB Area, near his residence. It’s the peak of brutality that

NFC Award

The National Finance Commission (NFC) Award plays a decisive role in the financial state and working ability of the provincial and central state machinery. The 7th NFC Award is due to expire

Saudi-Pak relations

According to the opinion of Dr Pervez Hoodboy, Yemen conflict has essentially created a sense of anger and fear in the Arab world and naturally to Saudi Arabia being nearest neighbours. Likewise

Load shedding

Being a resident at Buffer Zone, Sector 15-A5, North Nazimabad, Karachi, I would like to raise my voice against load shedding in my vicinity, which consists of more than six hours daily.

Paltry pension

The national budget is likely to be announced on 29th of May, and from all available news reports it appears that the government is preparing to give a real short shrift to