Editor’s Mail

Children are ignored

Pakistani media, print or electronic, is successfully providing its readers and viewers with all aspects of news, information and entertainment. The contents are targeted to youth, men, women and old aged people.

A worthy response

In the wake of recent hostile and negatively vocal policy of the Indian government towards relation with Pakistan, along with the ceasefire violations of the Indian Armed Force at the working boundary

Entry test

About two decades old practice of taking an entry test to be eligible for admission in professional colleges has suddenly become controversial. The Punjab government wants the entry test abolished perhaps to

WAPDA metres

The Prime Minister’s Inspection Team has observed that WAPDA distribution companies (DISCOs) have installed new metres which run 30-35 per cent faster than the old ones. There has been great hue and

Muharram security

The holy month of Muharram is to start very soon. Before any incident takes place, the government is advised to take appropriate steps to forestall any untoward incidents. Out of my anti-terrorism

Honour killings

Domestic violence against women in innumerable forms and manifestations is not a new phenomenon so far as interior Sindh generally and Pakistan at large are concerned, but in the past three months,