Editor’s Mail

Living in the past

Dr Pervez Hoodboy was on spot while delivering the keynote address at the 7th Karachi Literature Festival when he described the prevailing hopelessness in both India and Pakistan, thanks to these countries’

PIA in a shambles

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), a state-owned National Flag Carrier of eminence, is in a shambles. The organization today confronts a severe financial crisis that leaves the government in the citadel of power

Change or fade away

From days of glory to its ruination was collective abuse by successive governments starting from Zia onward and managements they nominated, dominated by mediocrity, corruption scams and conflicts of interest, with no

Decent transport

Last year on the directives of the Federal Minister for Interior Mr Nisar Ali Khan the authorities had started a coach service between Wah/Taxila to Rawalpindi (Railway Station). This was done to

NAP or nap

Finally Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid appeared in an Islamabad court to seek bail in two cases of inciting sectarian hatred and threatening civil society protesters. Needless to mention that Abdul