Editor’s Mail

Hazardous henna

A heart-wrenching incident of a girl from Karachi who had to get her arms removed surgically as a result of applying chemical-infested mehndi has caused me to draw attention of the people

Taking the bait

Is history going to repeat itself, but question remains the same — has anyone learned some lesson from history? The Crimean Tatars assembly voted on Saturday in favour of seeking ‘ethnic and

Pakistan First

Reference to indictment of convict Musharraf and spin doctoring by few in media and those on his payroll. It is time that political opportunists, men without any honour or conviction, and paid

A wake up call

Where the Sindh, once the land of sufis and saints, is heading towards? Events of targeting religious minorities and sectarian opponents in last few months are not indicative of a sudden and

Flight MH 270

I am surprised and shocked at the manner in which US media is sensationalising a human tragedy, involving lives of 239 souls. Any accident where an aircraft is not located for such