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In the midst of Saturday afternoon, 24th January, 2015, as the first monetary policy of the year was scheduled to be announced, the professionals from the financial industry and business community glued

At what cost?

The PML-N leaders are now claiming that load shedding would be over in the next three years. Was it not Mian Shahbaz Shareef who after banging on the table had said that

For a good cause

A message from Imran Khan is being aired on different channels these days regarding the construction and completion of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Peshawar. The hospital is under construction and Rs1 billion

Boring TV debates

These days one often sees boring TV debates wherein the anchor has no control over the participants who talk across each other gesticulating violently with their hands without their listeners understanding a

Universities for girls

It is unfortunate to analyse that there are very few all girls’ professional universities in Lahore. The most renowned names for the all girls’ professional universities in Lahore are Kinnaird College and