Editor’s Mail

Holy month of Ramazan

This was a unique month of Ramazan when unarmed innocent Palestinian men, women, elderly and children were mercilessly butchered, their mosques, schools, refugee camps and hospitals bombed, while rest of the Islamic

Real jihad

Regardless of popular and publicly accepted meaning of ‘jihad’ as a holy war, the literal translation of this Arabic term is ‘struggle’. What has been waged in the name of jihad in

PM in the town

It’s the last week of Ramazan. Most of the educational institutes in Pakistan are closing down and attendance in government offices is going thinner by day, as everyone is getting off for

Roll call

No one knows whether it was a routine roll call or a surprise for most of Pakistanis. Anyhow, when Altaf Hussain (or his representative) started the telephonic roll call from London on

Lemons and lemonade

Pakistan has one of the world’s worst income tax collection. With only 0.5% of the entire population registered for income tax, the FBR failed to achieve their thrice-revised tax collection target this

Come clean

We never learn any lesson from the history; it’s being now repeated in Iraq. Whatever Taliban did to the weak segments of the society such as women and children, and religious/sectarian minorities

Advice for PM

Reference to PML-N government’s promises that load shedding will be reduced during Ramadan and ugly reality of 12 hours daily power breakdowns even in DHA Lahore where electricity bill recovery is over