Editor’s Mail

Muharram security

The holy month of Muharram is to start very soon. Before any incident takes place, the government is advised to take appropriate steps to forestall any untoward incidents. Out of my anti-terrorism

Honour killings

Domestic violence against women in innumerable forms and manifestations is not a new phenomenon so far as interior Sindh generally and Pakistan at large are concerned, but in the past three months,

Paranoid delusions

Paranoid schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder wherein a person looks quite normal but loses touch with the reality around him/her. Some patients hear voices or sounds that are not really present.

VVIP movement

A video has gone viral on the internet wherein dignified residents of Islamabad are seen protesting against a road blockade during PM’s move to Air Headquarters, Islamabad. Reportedly, PM’s entourage was forced

Time to change

Time and tide wait for no man, nor does mood of people disenchanted with successive governments that have miserably failed to deliver and electoral promises gone astray. Patience of masses has run

A vicious cycle

What a vicious cycle of devilish mentality — destroy, rebuild, again destroy and then rebuild. World powers have again gathered to pledge millions of dollars to rebuild the war-torn Gaza. But all