India’s strategy

Ceasefire violations and attempts at isolation   In his briefing to the Senate the newly appointed defence secretary provided information on increased and ‘unusual’ Indian movement along the LOC. Apart from the

Panama papers issue

Back to the Supreme Court   In May, Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali declined the federal government’s plea to form a judicial commission to probe the Panama Papers’ leaks for two reasons. First,

Do the needful

Before things get out of hand   The PTI’s proposed lockdown of Islamabad has caused concerns both inside and outside the country. A petition filed in Sindh High Court maintains that blocking

The ECP’s audit

Welcome – if done properly   In a first the Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to carry out random audit of asset and liability statements of all lawmakers. The move is

The BRICS Summit

  What we should take away from it   Modi’s attempt to paint Pakistan as a regional menace in front of the BRICS nations by using phrases such as the “mother ship”

Imran Khan’s plan

Could the timing be any better?                   Imran Khan has finally announced his plan to close Islamabad at a time when the generals are breathing down Nawaz Sharif’s neck over what they

Security policy

Opportunity cost of ambiguity     One way or the other, the security policy will need more clarity from this point forward. It’s not just that the international pressure is becoming overbearing.

Record reserves

More Darnomics     No doubt the government worked very hard, as Dar sb implied, to raise Pakistan’s foreign reserves to the all time high figure of $24.5 billion. The finance minister

Cases against Altaf Hussain 

Insufficient contribution on our part   The money laundering case against Altaf Hussain has been closed by the British police for lack of actionable evidence. Reacting to the decision Sarfraz Merchant has

Forced Appreciation

  The rupee, reserves and their manager   There are two undeniable facts about the recent accolades that both Mr. Ishaq Dar and Mr. Ahsan Iqbal graciously accepted from a private publication