From NAP to NIP

PML-N’s infighting has made it a failure   There is a growing perception in the corridors of power that RAW is working with determination to block the implementation of the China-Pakistan Economic

APC and the Corridor

Fate changer?   PML-N clearly prepared the APC script well. Differences have diminished and everybody is on board for what the international press has begun calling a ‘fate changer’ for the region.

Prosecuting Axact

A test case for FIA to prove its worth   The FIA has completed the easier task. It has interrogated Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, raided a ‘secret’ facility where its investigators

Another year as PM

Ceding space?   Nawaz Sharif’s third term as prime minister has not been without its ups and downs, to say the last, but he seems quite comfortable in the chair as the

A decline in respect for law

By all   The way governments in Punjab and Sindh have interfered in appointments, placements and promotions of the police force has badly affected its performance, undermined its discipline and even brutalised

Bending the rules in haste

Governance PML-N style   In his quest for speedy initiation of development projects Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif sometimes tends to bypass rules and regulations. This creates problems besides giving birth to manifold

The bubble bursts

Will Axact come undone?   Founded in 1997 as a software company, Axact was allegedly earning around $4,000 a day from the sale of fake degrees way back in 2006. After 2011

Selling the economy

More Darnomics The budget is near so the government’s pro-investment/growth posturing is understandable. But the finance minister’s ‘selling’ of Pakistan’s investment potential to foreign diplomats still made for an interesting, and instructive,

What of NAP?

Still napping? What a storm the information minister’s take on some of the madrassas kicked off. There were indications early on, soon after NAP was ambitiously announced, that seminaries, and their patrons,

Multan bye-elections

Lessons to learn for PTI   The PP-196 by-elections results would make the PTI and PPP draw the right lessons. After the PTI’s dismal performance in the Cantonment Boards polls, the defeat

Cricket revival

Let’s just celebrate Finally, the government, the cricket Board, and the security agencies have made it safe enough for international cricket to return to Pakistan. And after six long years, Zimbabwe has

Prime Minister in Ashkhabad

Much fanfare but little concrete is being done   Turkmenistan has enough gas. Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are energy deficient. The TAPI gas pipeline project therefore makes economic sense. Once completed the

Model Town incident

Clean chit or clean case? PAT leadership seemed less surprised than most when the Model Town JIT exonerated both the chief minister and former law minister. One reason, of course, is that