Unwavering nature

It’s sad to note that central Italy has been severely hit by a powerful earthquake and that the death toll has crossed 240.   On one hand, the countries and the people are

Sindh mayoral elections

Expected results, uncertain future    No surprises, really, in the Sindh mayoral elections, despite the drama over the two days that preceded the poll. MQM has displayed electoral tenacity throughout the operation,

Cutting the umbilical cord

A turning point in MQM’s history?   For the first time in MQM’s history the party has declined to defend Altaf Husains’s anti-Pakistan diatribe and the attack by party workers on media

PM’s security huddle

Fine-tuning NAP     This needless MQM drama, and all that will stem from it, will make for one more outside factor that will occupy the prime minister’s attention just as he

Madrassa reforms

Sindh government’s gambit     Surely the Sindh government factored in a degree of stiff resistance from the religious right when it decided to move on with madrassa regulation. Registration and regulation

The Modi maneuver

Still at it   Hamid Karzai has clearly not lost his not so subtle touch when it comes to Pakistan. And since Modi is practically rolling out the red carpet for anybody

End the Syrian war

Now   First Russian involvement changed the fortunes of the Syrian civil war to a large extent. Then first some, and later much, of the world began a sort of decoupling with

Talks are the only way out

And convince the world     Realistically speaking there is no chance of improvement in Pak-India relations any time soon. Modi government is currently under pressure from the protesters in Indian Occupied

Pakistan’s democracy

One of a kind   Technically, Pakistan is not too far from completing the second ever transition from one civilian government to another. PPP and PML-N, who stumbled through the so-called decade

PM in Karachi

Holding the peace     The operation in Karachi had the support of the PPP and MQM when it was initiated in 2013. During Nawaz Sharif’s periodic visits to review the situation

A failure to walk the talk

Controlling guns in the capital     Two separate incidents of indiscriminate gunfire in Islamabad within a span of five days expose Ch Nisar’s claims regarding turning the capital into a model