Forgotten priorities

What should have been done Successive governments have remained focused on matters of immediate concern with the result that they have had scarce time to ponder over the country’s priorities. This amounts

Going round in circles

Still no end to the dharnas   An inconvenient stalemate has gripped the government-dharna confrontation. Clearly the protests have outlasted even the most liberal estimates. PTI leaders may posture confidently about the

Remember the IDPs

Someone will have to take responsibility   Disturbing reports about IDPs in Bannu clashing with the police and threatening a protest sit-in outside parliament are cause for concern and should be looked

Reunited Kingdom

And lessons in it for Pakistan   After the 1995 Quebec referendum, Scotland has gone through the same process indicating that separatist tendencies are not confined to the developing countries alone but

VIP embarrassment

Another dimension to tabdeeli? PIA was quick to clear both the PML-M MNA and the former interior minister, of course, and even suspended two employees, but the sense of relief on part

No dam on Chenab

The recently shown ravages of river Chenab with 8 lac cusecs of flood water flowing down to colossal destruction of countless villages brimming with people in central Punjab looked like a modern