Where are electoral reforms?

A victim of the committee system   Soon after its formation, nine months back, the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms went into coma. This indicated that the government had little realisation that

The Yemen question

Too much at stake A lot depends on the high-level Pakistani delegation currently visiting Saudi Arabia, but going by press reports ahead of the visit, it seems the government is just as

Three options for Pakistan

Following the best course   Around 500 stranded Pakistanis have been evacuated from Yemen. With the initiation of the air strikes, the expatriates are facing hardships in reaching airports. There is a

Now the commerce ministry

More missed budget targets   It is interesting that after tax collection, GDP growth, deficit, manufacturing, etc, the commerce ministry, too, is making sure it is not left behind in the matter

The Arab misadventure

And the price Pakistan is being asked to pay   The Riyadh-led coalition forces’ attack on Yemen is replete with serious consequences not only for the poverty stricken country but also the

Politics of opportunity

And the lot of the people For unexplained reasons, an air of mystery continues to surround the sudden announcement of the judicial council that will finally probe vote rigging. PTI, of course,

Ill-conceived projects

Unrealistic vision When economic decisions are taken only to gain political mileage these can cause losses and embarrassments and sometime create misunderstandings with friendly countries. The PML-N criticised the previous government for

The Saudi bandwagon

Another petro jihad? Wisely, the government has decided to stay away from Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, at least for the time being. But the sober proposition – that Pakistan is better

Old habits die hard

PML-N knows nothing of parliamentary politics   Like his predecessor Ayub Khan, Zia-ul-Haq also maligned politicians and rejected democracy. He held Local Government polls on non-party basis with an aim to create

Nawaz’s ‘naya Pakistan’

Vantage point Peshawar At least elections get politicians to talk about the people. Take Nawaz’s ‘naya Pakistan’ – which he sprang at the party convention in Peshawar – and the promises associated

LNG complications

Why the secrecy? Normally the ruling party’s efforts to deal with the energy problem would be met with appreciation, not the least because overcoming this particular shortage was one of the N-league’s

ADB reality check

Not quite Darnomics The reason that the Fund and ADB disagree with the finance ministry’s outlook on the national economy is quite simple. Dar sb seems to have staked his credibility on

Sindh takes the lead again

Quaid’s 11th August address The greatest threat Pakistan faces at this juncture is from terrorist networks which have killed thousands of Pakistanis, civilians as well as soldiers. There is a realisation for

BJP’s two faces

Way forward on Kashmir It is interesting that the Indians chose Pakistan Day to expand on their understand of way forward on Kashmir. Modi’s letter of congratulation to his opposite number was