UK after Brexit

Setting off tremors     On Friday in a historic event citizens of United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Within hours of the verdict Prime Minister David Cameron, who supported

Karachi chaos

Controlling crime   Nobody denied that the Karachi Operation was more or less an overnight success – brining down all sorts of crime from gunrunning and pick-pocketing to kidnapping, murder and extortion.

Pildat Survey

Provincial assemblies’ report card Pildat (Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency) has given the Sindh Assembly a reason to be happy. It turns out that Sindh has been the most serious

Pak-Afghan Relations

Concrete measures need to be taken   Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to create mechanisms to resolve their border issues. That the understanding was reached only after drawing blood and a lot of

Need to resume talks with India

Political flexibility needed on both sides   Like Pakistan, India too realises the need to improve ties with neighbouring countries after brushes with harsh realities. Facing difficulties in seeking the membership of

Pakistan’s isolation

Deepening The Torkham problem is just one example of Pakistan’s foreign policy problems as the ruling party completes three years in office. The Afghans have never been happy with us, but they’ve

Unprepared as Ever

Not doing what’s needed   With climate changes taking place in the region extreme weather conditions tend to develop unexpectedly. In April untimely rains followed by floods and landslides took toll of

Protecting Women

Government lacking will   PML-N won precious points from liberal, progressive circles – a constituency it has not traditionally bothered much about – when the Punjab government came forward with the Women

Torkham Standoff

Senseless   There is an urgent need to settle the Torkham border dispute. Afghan concerns, despite Kabul’s rhetoric, no doubt have their roots in the long argument over the Durand Line; a

Minding the store

Part time PM needed   Nawaz Sharif left Pakistan more than three weeks back to undergo open heart surgery. It is still unknown when he is likely to return to resume his