Reviewing foreign policy

Depending on others or self-reliance? The US-India nuclear deal has upset many in Pakistan. Sartaj Aziz has called it detrimental for the stability of South Asia. Leader of the Opposition in NA

Exit Sarwar

Great expectations So much for the story that came with Ch Sarwar. Clearly he really believed he could leverage the governor’s office to brush up democracy in the province, and the ruling


Trouble down south

Another MQM-PPP showdown   Nobody disagrees with MQM that extra-judicial killings of its members must be thoroughly investigated, with stiff punishment awarded to those found guilty. Indeed, with Ch Nisar and Nawaz

Moody’s wakeup call

A credit negative!   Perhaps Moody’s warning, that the fuel crisis is now weighing on the country’s credit worthiness, might impress the gravity of the present crisis upon the government. And it’s

Lessons from New Delhi

And the Pakistani approach Islamabad’s worry about unprecedented US-India warmth is understandable. Modi’s been charming Obama since coming to power recently. He got Obama to back Delhi’s foreign policy from the White

Obama in India

And what it means for Pakistan India and the US have finally brokered their landmark civil nuclear agreement. According to Modi both sides agreed on the need for a comprehensive global strategy

Unnecessary problems

No lessons learnt Most, if not all, of the government’s problems are either self-created or result from misgovernance. The recent fuel crisis is the perfect example. Despite many days of shortage, and

Pak-China ties

Past and future Pakistan was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China soon after its establishment in 1949. The leadership on two sides realised early

About banned outfits

More clarity Finally, it took the Supreme Court to suggest to the government to make the list of proscribed outfits public. It is common knowledge that many such groups continue to operate

Fazl’s concerns

Something to hide? The issue of the madaris is becoming more difficult by the day. Fazlur Rahman has led resistance to reforms since talk of the 21st amendment began, and it was

The govt-PTI affair

Agree to disagree   It’s been one-step-forward-two-steps-back for quite a while now between the government and PTI. And the passions that forced the dharna to fold notwithstanding, there was never really a