Waiting for a CEC

Something that needs to be done right away   The government is supposed to act strictly in accordance with the Constitution. Holding elections of the Local Governments is a constitutional obligation of

Another power tariff rise

Didn’t the PM assure otherwise? How does NEPRA’s half-a-rupee power tariff rise make the prime minister look just one week after his directions to maintain electricity prices? Since NEPRA was then overruled

Mature politics

A claim yet to be proven Let alone foreign investors, few people in Pakistan would buy the claim made by the Prime Minister that a foundation of mature politics has been laid

Shuffle time

Same old deal? As talk of a cabinet shuffle gains traction, it seems this is the Sharifs’ way of appearing proactive. Mian sahib no doubt realises, or has come to realise by

MQM’s stance

The party needs to revise its strategy MQM’s recourse to religion to get even with Khurshid Shah is a step which could have been avoided in the first place had it not

The third attack

Security agencies caught napping again There is long list of moderate clerics who were killed by the TTP for their opposition to militancy and support for parliamentary politics. The dastardly attack on

The Bilawal factor

Departure from the Zardari doctrine? Bilawal’s politics is raising some interesting, and important, questions. But firstly, it was refreshing to see him address Larkana’s Hindu population on the occasion of Diwali. It