PTI-PML-N talks

Enough damage done Imran Khan has done what the PML-N had demanded to initiate fruitful talks. What one expects is a quid pro quo from the ruling PML-N. The entire country has

IMF and the economy

Significant risks remain The Fund seemed fine with the government’s ‘fiscal consolidation’ over the last year, but its fears regarding reserves and revenue show it is still worried about medium and long

Need for caution

Action must, but nothing rash   People all over Pakistan are in a shock over Peshawar killings. Many are extremely angry and want immediate retribution. The prime minister is particularly  facing public

So much for the dharna

Now to the Assembly!   Wisely, Imran Khan decided not to continue PTI’s dharna after the Peshawar tragedy. The nation needs unity, he rightly told protesting supporters, and circumstances just don’t allow

More of the same

What the Peshawar attack has changed, and what not It was good to see all parliamentary leaders expressing solidarity with the families of the victims of terrorism in Peshawar. It was also

What now?

New security policy The success, or otherwise, of Gen Raheel’s visit to Kabul will become apparent in a few days. President Ghani has assured of cooperation, but whether he can roll back

Sydney hostage drama

Extra vigilance needed The perpetrator of the Sydney hostage drama was apparently a radicalised Iranian refugee with a history of sending hate mails to families of soldiers killed overseas and also faced

Lahore shutdown

Peaceful it should be The government is keen to see the business centres in Lahore open on Monday to prove that the PTI’s has flopped. It was confident that the traders in

Relations with the US

Need to be extra careful A number of ‘game changers’ seem to have converged on the AfPak situation. The American drawdown was bound to change the complexion of the region. But President

Pak-Russia friendship

And business Pak-Russia ties seem to be making impressive progress. The thaw came this summer. Clearly both countries understand the consequences of another Afghan security vacuum well enough to turn their age-old