Parachinar terror attack

For all our anti-terror progress, shortcomings persist   COAS Bajwa was spot-on when, commenting on the Parachinar terrorist attack, he said that terrorists will fail in their attempt to regain the lost relevance.

Speedy trials

Justice delayed is justice denied   Judicial reform is much talked about but close to nothing has been done to achieve fair and speedy justice from the courts. This problem is most

Trump is in the House

Finally   President Trump’s inauguration speech was a lot more president-like than his campaign was president-hopeful-type. But that much was to be expected, even though he did not move beyond the constituency

Testing the waters

Bilawal’s Punjab outing revealed shortcomings born of PPP neglect It was a first for the youthful Bhutto scion, his maiden protest rally from Lahore to Faisalabad in which he was the star

Sharif in Davos

What will we write home about?   Nawaz Sharif had three interests in visiting Davos. He wanted to appraise the new UN Sec Gen of the gravity of Kashmir situation and persuade

The world after Obama

America’s descent into uncertainty   Obama left a legacy for which he will be remembered in the US and the world at large. Obama had his drawbacks. Leading from behind, he imposed

The opposition is right

Government lethargic regarding judicial reforms under National Action Plan   When the 21st Amendment was passed in January 2015, providing a constitutional umbrella to military courts, parliamentarians were generally averse to the idea.

Bilawal gets his way

  Though shrunk to a mere rally, the PPP movement kicks off on the 19th Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari reached Lahore to lead the PPP’s Thursday rally, a belated retort to the snub

Shortages galore

Oil price hike, gas and power shortages and PML-N’s campaign power base For Punjab, this is the annual season of scarcity. Water level in the limited reservoirs is at its lowest ebb,

Relations with Afghanistan

Slow and steady Afghanistan is ill-equipped to cope with the unending acts of terrorism for both internal and external reasons. The Afghan government and society are badly polarised. Within the Afghan government