Media wars

Not just Indo-Pak   The media is now at the forefront of every conflict. Print traditionally chased war stories till electronic’s coverage of the First Gulf War stood the equation on its

Panama forever?

Same for dharnas     PTI’s obsession with dethroning the Sharifs is fast becoming the stuff of legend. Come what may – economic decline, diplomatic isolation, even threat of war – the

The war hysteria

Both sides need to stop and think   The vast majority of people in both Pakistan and India are peace loving and despite a number of unresolved issues that hang fire between

Nawaz Sharif at UNGA

Of allies and speculations The prime minister touched upon a number of issues that concern Pakistan, the region and the world at large in his UNGA address. Highlighting the Indian atrocities in the occupied Kashmir,

Turmoil within PTI

Tabdeeli comes from within   Irrespective of whether one agrees with PTI’s policies, it goes to Imran Khan’s credit that he mobilised and infused a new spirit in a large section of

Reservations over CPEC

  Government not willing to budge   Both the opposition parties and the army are at loggerheads with the government over their lack of inclusion in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Pak-India UN face-off

Balochistan now     One reason the foreign office did not react too strongly to PM Modi’s sudden turn to Balochistan was that it likely considered it a very short term measure.

PM on exports

And the commerce minister   Fine time for the prime minister to bring up exports. Election is not too far away and campaign season will be in full swing before anybody knows

Mohmand blast

Existential war continues   This war is clearly far from over. It seems, increasingly, that the relative calm that came after Zarb-e-Azb will be disturbed more frequently now. Friday’s attack is just another reminder