The show is over

Dharnas ending with a whimper Finally, the Qadri show in Islamabad is over amidst suggestions of an underhand deal with the government. This will leave Imran Khan high and dry with pressure

Protesting too much

The MQM needs to openly accept criticism   One is again witnessing the all too familiar drama wherein MQM ministers resign, which is followed by strongly worded statements, noisy protests and walkouts

Connecting with Kabul

Time for a new doctrine Sartaj Aziz’s trip to Kabul seems to have worked out nicely. Abdullah Ghani not only accepted Nawaz Sharif’s invitation – he promised to visit “soon” – but

Mending fences

How things got to this With the Americans wrapping up the Afghan war, drone strikes continuing, and Zarb-e-Azb bringing its own demographic challenges, the relationship with the US remains as dicey as

Slow on the uptake

Still no transformation in the PM Politicians in Pakistan are exceptionally slow at learning, more so in the case of the PML-N leaders. Whatever change seemed to have taken place while passing

Ebola warning

Going unheeded, as usual Minister for National Health Services, Saira Afzal Tarar, should have been more circumspect when presenting her views about the Ebola virus. The disease has stayed clear of Pakistan

IS foothold in Pakistan

Still no counter-narrative Sections of the media that interpret senior TTP commanders switching allegiance to the Islamic State (Iraq/Syria based) as a setback just for the former perhaps oversimplify the development. True,