Much to talk about

Landmark negotiations It seems the government is going to have its diplomatic mettle tested once again. Islamabad won much praise recently with the Murree talks. It gave President Ghani in Kabul some

Changing times

Need to be resourceful   Much is changing in the region, and beyond, which is why Pakistan must be mindful of its own interests in charting its way forward. Considering the country’s

Punjab Food Authority campaign

Still, some disagree   Apparently, not everybody is impressed with the Punjab Food Authority’s rather impressive crusade of cracking down on unhygienic conditions in restaurants, etc. Naturally, it is those who are

Flood aftermath

Other certainties   Predictably, diseases have started breaking out in flood-hit areas across the country. And typically, the National Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Network (NHEPRN) ‘lacks financial resources to tackle any

The villain’s turn

Finally   It is telling that despite a very large following nobody mourned Malik Ishaq’s sudden departure, at least not publically. And it is even more telling, in hindsight, that the entire

COAS on a mission

When symbolism is too loud Apparently it is not just the existential war against terrorism that has kept Gen Raheel so busy this past year – and brought him no small manner

Grieving abroad

Exercise in futility It was novel, indeed, for MQM to take the mohajir case to the White House just as PTI knocked at 10 Downing Street to pressure London to act against

Monetary policy

Steady at the helm Even though the state bank does its own talking now – the finance minister’s interest rate curtain raiser clearly found little encouragement – it still pretty much speaks