Imran’s concerns

And threats   Imran Khan’s observations and demands of the government at the half-way mark cannot really be argued with. That fuel prices and electricity tariff should be reduced is a justified

Kashmir Solidarity Day rallies

Duplicity on stance on Kashmir?   Pakistan has all along supported the Kashmiri people’s right of self-determination. The government frequently consults the leadership of the Kashmiri parties struggling against Indian oppression. Pakistan

Spotlight on Balochistan

And NAP, again   Relevant security agencies are pretty up to scratch when it comes to following up on terrorist incidents. They can quickly ascertain the identity of the attacker (in case

How not to privatise

In the inimitable PML-N style There have been protests, a complete shutdown of the national carrier, even three deaths, yet the situation isn’t any clearer than it was the first day. It

A matter of genes

Lal Masjid breakdown Thanks to powerful supporters in the federal government Maulvi Abdul Aziz has enjoyed indemnity for a long time despite flouting several laws of the land. Under pressure from public

Text book Darnomics

All over again It seems the IMF has begun taking Dar sb’s appraisals of the economy at face value. So the ‘robust economic activity’ has led the Fund to okay the $500m

Breakthrough with Afghanistan

Need to capitalise   Finally the ISI-NDS agreement reached last May has got off the ground. It was signed with much fanfare though it didn’t appear so ‘landmark’ soon afterwards, when post-Murree

PTI on warpath

The government forced their hand   The PTI’s itch for extra-parliamentary confrontation is back once again. The factor that has triggered the reflex is the PIA strike. The party has announced to

Foreign policy problems

Still no full-time FM   Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has remained strangely tight-lipped about his decision not to appoint a full-time foreign minister. Of late, the foreign policy sea has been calmer

Talks are the way out

PML-N’s high-handed approach   Trade union strikes are by no means uncommon. Last year in July and August there were two strikes by underground railway workers in London. Millions of office worker,

Way forward in Balochistan

Proof of the pudding… First Gen Raheel hit the nail on the head. Balochistan, in a nutshell, needs negotiations and progress. Then Chief Minister Nawab Zehri stressed how “negotiations, not the bullet”

A full blown crisis

Government’s PIA debacle   The government should have evolved a feasible and transparent strategy for the privatisation of the PIA. Further, as suggested by IMF’s resident representative in Pakistan, it should have

Debt problems

And playing with figures   It seems the government’s breakneck mega project economic idealism – which banks on a relatively free flow of development funds – might have to take a break

Potholes in the peace process

Testing Kabul and Islamabad alike   The one-step-forward-two-steps-back theme is typical to the post-9/11 Pak-Afghan relationship. Even as the equation became more rounded — and brought in players like China, US, Nato,