ToR Deadlock

Panama forever   The opposition’s own internal disharmony is clearly going to be a consistent part of this ToR deadlock. Not an inch of progress was made on Friday, as Shah Mahmood

Need for pragmatism

Keep all channels – and eyes – open   Recent developments have added manifold to Pakistan’s isolation in the region which can be harmful for the country. Islamabad needs to take all the

Angles on Zardari

Why the effort?   The prime minister’s preferred route in dealing with the Panama mess leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of making sure a mutually agreeable investigation takes off as

Three way transit accord

An isolated Pakistan   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was spot on – about the three-way transit accord between Iran, India and Afghanistan – that it “was not merely an economic document but

A clueless Ch Nisar

A sad reflection of the Haalaat e Hazrah   A drone attack has taken place inside Balochistan and President Obama has made it clear that US forces will continue to go after threats on Pakistani

Dire necessity

And a bit of irony   On Saturday Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif accompanied by wife Kulsoom Nawaz and son Hussain Nawaz visited Gilani House. A week earlier Shahbaz Sharif had made a

Pak-Afghan strains

And US pressure    For some time now Islamabad has not been acting, or even reacting, fast enough to keep pace with developments on the Afghan front. Strangely, there was hardly any

EgyptAir tragedy

Lessons   Egypt’s aviation minister said it right that when you weigh all the options, “the possibility of having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical (failure)”.

Senate in transition

The right direction   The Senate was given the name of the House of Federation unanimously in May 2015. From representing the federal units to representing the entire federation, thus moving from

PM in a bind

And the government, and country   PML-N is now, without doubt, in survival mode. All its energies are being spent on preservation. Nothing could be worse, from Nawaz’s point of view, than

Empowering ECP

Unanimously  It has been a while since Ishaq Dar received across-the-board acceptance for his remarks in the House. If anything PML-N’s ‘believers’, in the absence of some serious name-clearing by the ruling

The cost of maintaining the MPs

Is it worth it?   The Parliamentarians on Thursday proposed an exponential increase in their salaries, allowances, and perks.  If the measure is passed this would overnight raise an MP’s salary from the present