Step back and rethink

What kind of an impression we are creating The army has reaffirmed its support for democracy. It has simultaneously called for a political solution “without wasting any time and without recourse to

Security of minorities

Litmus test for Zarb-e-Azb   Now it’s the Zikris, Balochistan’s harmless religious minority, who have become the target of sectarian killings. That means, of course, that the more usual sectarian targets –

The ignored IDPs

Losing hearts and minds With the government badly involved in the fight for survival, the problems of over 900,000 IDPs continue to multiply. It is ironic that while government officials claim that

Hazards of journalism

Especially in Pakistan That fact that more than 30 journalists have been target-killed in Balochistan over the last five years, without a single accused ever arrested, speaks for itself. Thursday’s attack at

Better news from India

Some pressure from the outside So a little external pressure and the Modi government budges from its tough stand on Pakistan, especially negotiations regarding Kashmir. Calling off the foreign secretary talks with

More election problems

This time in Afghanistan Unfortunately, unless things change dramatically very soon, Abdullah Abdullah pulling out of the Afghan election audit can mean little except tragic consequences for the country and the region.

Pak-India progress

Watershed moment or false signal Pak-India relations have developed such a downward spiral of late that even the slightest trace of good news should be welcomed. Word has it – though still

In pressure cooker

Signs of an end to the deadlock The government is under increasing pressure to urgently resolve the political deadlock. Adding considerably to its woes are developments in the Model Town firing case

Deepening crisis

Only political parties to blame   While the mysterious entry of Afzal Khan in the ongoing high drama gives it a new turn, the PML-N leadership appears not to have paid adequate

Pak-India mess

The BJP fingerprint Unfortunately, India-Pakistan tensions are playing out pretty much the way skeptics figured they would under Modi’s government. There were initial hints of the prospect of a mutually agreeable thaw.