Zardari in US

On a visit, not a mission Zardari’s US visit, particularly his iftar dinner with Vice President Joe Biden, has given birth to speculation about his seeking US support for the continuation of

Cricket circus

Some order, if you please   It is just as well that Najam Sethi has decided to stop chasing the PCB chairmanship. Could it be because the realisation has finally dawned on

Pak-India pendulum

And the root of all disputes Nawaz’s to-and-fro with New Delhi has been instructive. Manmohan Singh refused to grace his swearing in ceremony, especially when the third-time prime minister repeatedly indicated his

Electoral reforms

Right way to do it Governments are likely to create problems for themselves as well as for the country by not accepting popular demands despite their being genuine. With the passage of

Urban centres now

The terrorists haven’t yet given up   The terrorists want to target urban centres all over the country to avenge their defeat in North Waziristan. After the successful military operation in the

When heavens fall

PTI and PPP inching closer?   How interesting that Latif Khosa should back PTI’s demand for mid-term polls not long after former president Zardari hints, in no uncertain terms, at an anti