Invoking Article 245

Has the government thought it through? The way PML-N government is resolving matters rife with far reaching consequences raises questions. The decision to invoke Article 245 was taken by the prime minister

Shi’a kafir, sunni kafir

Fine ‘fort of Islam’ Pakistan turned out Sectarian assassinations, especially those targeting middle class workers, have become so frequent that it is a surprise that any sect, particularly minorities, has many learned

When a spark fades

A dream dies too   Even in death, Pakistani American Harris Suleman has succeeded in his mission – promoting education for underprivileged children. Yet, in hindsight, a few points about the tragedy

A complacent leadership

Letting anti-democracy elements wreak havoc won’t benefit anyone The military operation against the terrorist networks continues unabated. With Miranshah and surrounding villages cleared of the terrorists, the army is now concentrating on

Barbaric Israeli bombing

The vicious Israeli forces ruthlessly kill more than 800 innocent civilians to date. Calls of the world community to immediately end the unparalleled atrocities being committed by the Israeli forces in Gaza

Zardari in US

On a visit, not a mission Zardari’s US visit, particularly his iftar dinner with Vice President Joe Biden, has given birth to speculation about his seeking US support for the continuation of

Cricket circus

Some order, if you please   It is just as well that Najam Sethi has decided to stop chasing the PCB chairmanship. Could it be because the realisation has finally dawned on