Cricket success

Well done boys The Test series win against Sri Lanka comes at an important time for the national outfit. Prior to this, the last that the team remembers of truly good times

Matter of the League

United they fall The UML (United Muslim League) made awkward bedfellows of so many big egos that despite the seemingly natural convergence of interests, a sharp divergence was always just around the

Remembering July 5

Missed opportunities   Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is right. Zia-ul-Haq uprooted democracy and put Pakistan on a regressive path. The military rule ushered in by the dictator was the darkest period in the

Action Plan to nowhere

NAP update   Typical of the interior minister to defend the Supreme Court’s rebuke regarding the National Action Plan (NAP) – ‘plan of inaction, eyewash, etc – with Zarb-e-Azb’s achievements. He did,

The judiciary’s course

Past and present The matter of military courts has once again brought the Supreme Court’s footprint into the realm of mainstream policymaking. One of the reasons the 21st amendment generated such unprecedented

PTI’s year of vicissitudes

Internal disputes During the first half of the present year, the PTI suffered several electoral setbacks. It contested and lost three bye-polls in Punjab and Sindh. Its performance in the countrywide Cantonment

Economic brownie points

Sudden appreciation It is strange that the IMF suddenly believes that Pakistan is within reach of ‘significant further economic progress’, but also warns of one pitfall too many that might quickly derail

Victory in Khyber

And what needs to be done The good news is that the army has cleansed the Khyber Agency of terrorists and announced the completion of the ongoing military operation in the Agency.

The Bilawal effect

One more time? Once again the PPP moves the chairman like a piece across the political chessboard in an attempt to rally Punjab. They tried it before, and failed. That was when

Where are the proofs?

Setting the house in order should be our priority   India is successfully conducting a campaign to isolate Pakistan internationally by accusing it of sheltering persons declared terrorists by the UN. Despite

Train wreck

Fixing responsibility   It was natural for Khwaja Saad Rafique to defend the integrity of the bridge that collapsed yesterday under the weight of the passing train. But in implying that Railways


Lessons of Athenian proportions The European Union has been unraveling ever since the Great Recession of ’08 chocked credit markets on both sides of the Atlantic, and indeed beyond. One after another

An uneventful meeting

Complicated problems need complicated solutions   Over 1,200 deaths in Karachi within ten days caused by the heat wave which was augmented by power outages and everyone passing on the buck to

Media trial won’t do

Solid evidence is what is required to make a case against MQM   Altaf Hussain insists that his party has zero tolerance for terrorism and criminal activities. Few outside MQM would buy

The president’s speech

Big on substance Finally the president delivers a presidential speech, even if it was far removed from reality in the present setting. Corruption is bad, good governance is good, and devolution of