Giving it another go

Nothing much to lose     Imran Khan has given an ultimatum to the PML-N to resolve the issue of TOR’s (terms of reference) for the Panamagate investigation before 7 August or

The tragic flaw

Turkey’s new dilemma   While explaining the fall of a tragic hero Aristotle holds Hamartia, or tragic flaw, in his character as the cause. In the case of Erdogan the tragic flaw

Honour killing

  Contradiction in terms   Once more a grave miscarriage of justice – in this case Qandeel Baloch’s ‘honour killing’ – has embarrassed the government into some sort of action that will

After the NSC moot

Points to ponder     Several important developments have taken place since the National Security Council met last time in April. These must have come under discussion in the meeting. With the

Pro-woman laws

  About time     Progressive legislation, even when triggered by persistent needless tragedy, is welcome. But surely PML-N realises that getting a parliamentary committee to agree on anti-honour killing and anti-rape

Recovered by army

Plugging loopholes     The news of Awais Ali Shah’s recovery was conveyed to CJ Sindh High Court by the COAS himself at 3am on Tuesday. The CJ gave all credit to

The England tour

Lessons learned and reforms needed. Pakistan cricket returned to England after six years this month following the spot fixing scandal in 2010. Our cricketing history with England has been anything but ‘uneventful’

Fata’s future

 Long overdue reforms A coalition of Fata political parties has threatened to observe August 14 as black day if the government fails to repeal FCR and merge the tribal areas with Khyber

The question of Kashmir

And Indian oppression   The Indians might just have over-reached and done their own Kashmir plan a world of harm. That, of course, is if the international community will live up to

Black Day

A realistic stance     There being no respite to the week-long clashes between the Indian security forces and the protesters a curfew was imposed yesterday ahead of Friday prayers in all