Sanity must prevail

Hold judgment till Enquiry Commission’s report   The Senate adopted a unanimous resolution condemning the attack on Hamid Mir while urging the government to take steps to protect the journalists. Similar resolutions

Circular failures

The usual false arguments and glossing over facts So, would the circular debt resurfacing – and with such astonishing speed – amount to egg on the face of some, at least one,

Nawaz meets Zardari

A positive sign for political supremacy   The meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari at a time when the civil-military tensions have suddenly risen is highly significant. The issue however was

Government and Senate

The former needs to respect the latter The PML-N’s impulse to lock horns with the institutions has overpowered it once again. The party leadership feels uncomfortable with the Senate where it doesn’t

IMF politics

There’s always an angle The Fund is never without its politics. Nor is any other bilateral or multilateral lender for that matter – the World Banks and ADBs of this world. Remember