Hasan Aftab Saeed

The Punjab Police

One of Punjab’s more recognisable symbols There are many law enforcement agencies in Pakistan but none inspires terror in the bosom of the ordinary citizen quite like the Punjab Police (hereinafter PP).

Saleem A Sethi

Beyond Raheel Sharif

Required changes & institutional response   Everybody is talking about Raheel Sharif and the challenges that are likely to be faced by the new COAS. We’ve been talking about Gen Sharif’s achievements

Coercive policies

India and the international arena   India’s insatiable desire to “become great” and be acknowledged as the regional hegemon eludes it painfully. This has led to a spate of rather erratic, rash

Hassan Aslam

The punch

When will people stop playing God?     British documentary “One Killer Punch”, shown recently by a popular UK TV channel, featured cases of a one punch kill; that is, when just

Arif Nizami

The general’s legacy

The good and the bad   Insiders claim that Sharif was loath to extend the tenure of the incumbent military chief despite being counselled by his own brother Shahbaz Sharif and close