Malik Muhammad Ashraf

A sore loser

Imran Khan needs to mature, politically     The PTI chief and the architect of the rigging saga, giving his reaction to the report of the Judicial Commission in regards to its

Dr James J Zogby

Violent terrorism in the US

How not to counter it Congress is currently considering legislation that would create a whole new bureaucracy within the Department of Homeland Security to deal with “countering violent extremism” (CVE). According to

M J Akbar

Bhujangi Bhaijaan

In political calculus, the Laloo Yadav brand has also withered Anything as witty as an Amul butter advertising campaign must be taken seriously, despite its use of that rhetorical nuisance called a

Arif Nizami

The verdict

And the day after   Imran khan and his PTI core team, who had strongly believed that May 2013 elections were stolen as a result of a grand conspiracy, have a lot

Mohsin Raza Malik

Law and disorder

There’s never smoke without fire     A large number of First Information Reports (FIR’s) have been registered against MQM chief Altaf Hussain across Sindh following alleged ‘inflammatory remarks’ made by him

Saleem A Sethi

Malik Riaz in trouble

No country for poor, rich men When Pakistani faithful and media were yet struggling to drag themselves towards the harsh realities of life once more after Eid holidays, a godsend apparently came

Kuldip Nayar

Following Gandhi’s advice

On parliamentarians’ pay structure   Over the years, I have found the Supreme Court in Pakistan, a country under constant influence of military, is far more progressive than ours, although India has