Rabia Ahmed

The spectre of Fethullah Gulen

Should education in Pakistan be held hostage to politics?     An often heard phrase when visiting Turkey is: ‘’Turkey, Pakistan, ‘brother brother’.’’ But Turkey, Pakistan’s brotherly neighbour is somewhat troubled these

Kuldip Nayar

Death, be not proud

Remembering Faraaz Hossain   As the memory of the massacre at Dhaka recedes, examples of bravery are coming to the fore. One of them is that of Faraaz Hossain. He was on a

Abbas Hasan

Marwan Barghouti

The illusion of peace negotiations in Palestine. The continually unfolding tragedy in Kashmir and the complete alienation of its youth there reminds us of another sometimes forgotten tragedy, namely that of Palestine.

Arif Nizami

Sweep in AJK

A Pyrrhic victory?   Both sides hurled all kinds of insults at each other during the acrimonious campaign. Admittedly Sharif was handicapped being in London for his surgery. But his minions did