Sultan M Hali


Ensuring PN’s operational readiness     Armed Forces and their various components periodically conduct exercises or war games to employ their martial resources in training for military operations, either exploring the effects

Hafsa Khawaja

Crumbling credibility

Why there is no democratic civilian ascendency     26thNovember marks a month since the recent natural disaster struck Pakistan. With a staggering magnitude of 7.5 the earthquake ripped through the northern

S Sadia Kazmi

Defeat at UNHRC

What led to Pakistan’s exclusion?   The defeat in the re-elections of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is being viewed as a humiliating failure of Pakistan. However one should try

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

After Paris attack

The multi-headed hydra ISIS has to be eliminated   What will be the impact of Paris attack on French involvement in the Middle East? France in September this year started air raids

Kuldip Nayar

Modi has lost the way

Bihar election results prove it     Whether or not the Narendra Modi magic has waned or whether the strategy of campaigning has been faulty, the fact remains that the Bhartiya Janta

Mahboob Mohsin

A tale of two US visits

And how one overshadows the other There have been much fervour and speculation about the four-day-long US visit of General Raheel Sharif. General Sharif’s visit came weeks after PM Nawaz Sharif’s three-day

Arif Nizami

The LG polls

Victors and vanquished As anticipated the PML-N in Punjab and the PPP in Sindh won the day in the second phase of the local bodies elections. The PTI, like in the first

Emerging regional realities

The positivity in Pakistan Since Pakistan’s inception bilateral relations with Afghanistan have been fraught. This instability is due to issues related to the British drawn Durand Line, the secessionist idea of Pakhtunistan,