A great loss

The Fall of Dhaka 16 December is a dark day in the history of Pakistan. The eastern wing of our beloved country was amputated and lost on this day. The chaos that

Enhancing foreign relations

Pakistan is benefitting from its new outreach   Pakistan, keeping in view its geostrategic position and econo-political conditions in present times, needs to enhance its bilateral relations with other countries. The association

Protect and serve

It’s about the culture of hostility   In 1971, I was working at a Boy’s Club in the Germantown section of Philadelphia running an after-school program. One day, the Police Athletic League

Time to change perceptions

A way towards Indo-Pak cooperation   Historical relations cannot always be a yardstick for deep ties in future. Foreign policy is often guided by pragmatism and national interests. China and Japan, despite

Dhaka debacle

Myth and reality Hasina Wajid, who has been ruling Bangladesh since 2008, regrettably has unleashed a relentless campaign to malign the Pakistan Army for committing atrocities during the 1971 war, accusing it