Faraz Talat

The ruler is never one of us

“Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave.” It seems that the politicians who are ‘just like us’ struggle an awful lot trying to get photographed while behaving like ‘regular’ citizens. In

Spearhead Research

Political woes

Ah, what tangled webs we weave   Pakistan, a fledgling democracy, is in a constant state of flux; it has witnessed an array of changes in the last few decades- from military

Sultan M Hali

Pak-India water wars

  Genesis: The origin of the water wars between Pakistan and India date back to the time of the partition of India in August 1947. India realised that in accordance with the 1947

Dr Kamal Monnoo


Analysis & way forward     The Pakistani economy is in a jam. Debt is far higher than output and this can only be addressed by boosting growth or productivity and preferably

227 Years

What has American feminists’ new poster child got to show for it? Across the globe, people and women – crucially, young women have been rejoicing over the fact that Hilary Rodham Clinton’s

Dr Alon Ben-Meir

Incentives and peace (part 2)

Unless distrust, insecurity, and illusions are first addressed, no incentives—however sweeping and compelling—will motivate Israel and the Palestinians to make the critical concessions needed to reach a peace agreement. The international conference

Rabia Ahmed

Callousness, not decency

Riding side-saddle is as hazardous as it is rooted in a patriarchal mindset Uzma fell off a skidding motorbike recently and almost broke her arms and legs, besides hurting herself badly in

Ahmed Bilal

PIA quagmire

Caught in a landslide – no escape from reality     No one likes to travel on Pakistan International Airline (PIA) except when someone doesn’t really have a choice – namely domestic