Whose game is it?

Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri have brought the country to a standstill     The administrative system introduced by the British in Imperial India was based upon the country being divided into

Military and government

One feels sorry over the spectacle in Pakistan There was time when the people in Pakistan came to the streets to defend their democratic system from the onslaught by the military which

The angry Khan

And shenanigans from the backdoor   Imran Khan has proudly celebrated his first thirty days of dharna in Islamabad with a lot of fanfare. The PTI chief and his supporters, and more

Democracy or mockery?

A fight for democracy where few understand what it really means     “Where laws do not rule, there is no constitution”- Aristotle While the whole country is on a standstill due

Inclusiveness, not war, will work in Iraq-Syria

Both countries need national solutions based on acceptance of societal pluralism and political inclusiveness   President Barack Obama’s declaration of “steady, relentless” aerial campaign against ISIS militants “wherever they exist,” to “ultimately

Modi’s rising star?

Is it already waning?   It appears that the magic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is waning. His Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has met a reverse in the by-polls. Out of the