Kuldip Nayar

When Tata met Bhagwat

A sad commentary on India’s “secular credentials”   The biggest news of 2016 came in towards the end of the year. Publicly, the key industrial house admitted the importance of the most

OGP brass tacks

When it comes to pre-requisites, thora hai, thorai ki zaroorat hai   The much criticised Pakistani civil society has a few strengths, one of which is advocacy. It is on the basis


The longest war term President “Mr. Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and spent his years in the White House trying to fulfill the promises he made as an

Dr Mubarak Ali

A cup of tea 

How tea spread to the world   The Burmese Bhuksho introduced tea leaves to China. They found them very useful because when they chewed them after meals, they not only found themselves

Arif Nizami

President Trump

And Pakistan’s options   His critics rightly label him as Islamophobic, misogynistic and unorthodox in perusing his domestic as well as foreign agenda   The enigmatic Donald Trump is the 45th president

Najeeb Kakar

Vague standpoint

“Behind this mask is an idea, Mr Creedy…”     A comprehensive editorial published by this newspaper nearly two weeks ago pointed out Mr Sharif’s vague standpoint regarding militants and militancy. While

World gone berserk

Should we, too, prepare for the apocalypse? This planet has become a madhouse. There is a profusion of chaos and confusion. There is hardly any place that can be termed “at peace”.

Hassan Aslam

The colder war

Petrodollars: keeping the world spinning the way of the USD     Petrodollars may be defined as the U.S. dollar earned from the sale of oil, or they may be simply defined