Imran’s cross

Carried by democracy     There are people who ask which way the Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri’s sit-ins are likely to end. There are political leaders who think that the tide

Sharif’s bad mojo

And the stubborn Khan     Since the start of the dharnas Nawaz Sharif has been suffering from an incredibly bad mojo. Although never good at exuding charm, well in his third

The way out

Common sense is in short supply   It might seem to the literal minded that Nawaz Sharif is winning the war of staring Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri down, that their dharnas

Ah, if I were 25 again!

The Israeli Left: Still living, but left for dead Research shows that one of the most often used words in Hebrew is “Shalom”. Israelis greet each other with “shalom” and many of

A long, difficult path

PTI has helped muddle up the distinction between the state and the government   It’s been over a month since the dharnas came to the capital. And although Imran Khan warns of

Journey into Europe

An eastern scholar’s study of Muslims in west   Europe is home to around 50 million Muslims. But, has it culturally been a homeland to the minority community in the post-9/11 world,

Book review: Ma’ey

Ma’ey (‘I’) is poet Anjum Salimi’s latest verse collection comprising ghazal. It is dedicated to the renowned film-maker and poet Gulzar. Saleemi is an original but innovative versifier of Urdu and Punjabi. His sharp