Rabia Ahmed

A film with a message

Certain aspects of Maalik do aim to unsettle, or perhaps unseat   There are several things wrong with the banning of Ashir Azeem’s film ‘Maalik’ and the furore surrounding it.  The film

Yousaf Nizami

The smoke screen

Thicker than ever! It’s a simple strategy: the best defense during a controversial scandal is a fierce offence. The PML-N’s brand of politics has not changed too much over the years. When

Kuldip Nayar

The sad tale of the Koh-i-Noor

British nostalgia holding subcontinent’s treasure hostage A party which expects everyone to wear nationalism on their sleeves made the most anti-national statement: the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP said that the Kohinoor diamond

Kalabagh Dam

The Facts     Allah has blessed Pakistan with numerous resources, water is one of those gifts. To understand its importance it is necessary to have knowledge on the following: What number

Waqas A Khan

Afghan Peace Process

Afghan government, Taliban, Pakistan and the US   Recent history is marred by acts of violence, mistrust, greed, indignation and unworthy behaviour. For once, our beloved Pakistan stands not as a dispassionate

Saeed Qureshi

General Raheel Sharif

A True Patriot   In the aftermath of the Panama Leaks, General Raheel Sharif – the incumbent Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff – has made one very important announcement as well as

Arif Nizami

Sharif on the offensive

And frayed Civil-Military Relations?   The federal government banning the exhibition of Pakistani film ‘Maalik’ about corruption at high places- eulogizing the deep state in the process- is symptomatic of a deeper