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What is in the offing for IWT?

India throws down the gauntlet, is Pakistan ready? India has also launched a campaign to diplomatically isolate Pakistan by tagging it to terrorism. Though the bitter fact is that successive Indian regimes

Student Protest in Punjab University

State of student unions

From political grooming once upon a time to fundamentalism now   Just a day after the clash in PU, a similar incident happened in Gomal University of Dera Ismail Khan, where activists


The Haqqani leaks

Volcano finally erupts!   Haqqani stated that this was done with the approval from the then sitting Pakistani leadership, comprising of PPP leaders, namely former President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed


Regulating the breeding grounds

Madrasah reforms to eliminate terrorism from its roots     Madrasahs in Pakistan have been responsible for spreading the virus of terrorism as militant groups manipulate religion according to their extremist agenda.


The lost Cypress Tomb

In crying need of appreciation If you wish to visit the unusual monument of Cypress Tomb, you will have to make up your way on Begampura Road going east on GT Road

The Lahore Gymkhana

Reviving heritage   From 1959 till 1962 Justice Yaqoob Ali Khan, 1962-63 Syed Fida Hussain, and for eleven years onwards 1963 Nawab Muzaffar Ali Qazalbash again remained the chairman of this club

Policing Afghans in Pakistan

Be careful when you tread through the marshes     Any knee jerk measures aimed at only throwing out Afghans from Pakistan would further complicate the latter’s own security along the Durand