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Arif Nizami

Courage under fire

And myths shattered   Admittedly through a combination of sheer tenacity and a bit of arm-twisting of a reluctant civilian leadership General Raheel Sharif had a workable National Action Plan to combat

Wretched Syria

Another geopolitical test of the war After Aleppo a northern Syrian city that is one of the Islamic State’s last enclaves in the country is under assault by military forces bearing down

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Terror again

Back to the drawing board   The remaining terrorists are active in Pakistan. Their activities are not completely exhausted. It looks that terrorism is not going away any sooner. Terrorists are still

Hasan Aftab Saeed

Karachi for dummies

A short intro Karachi (originally Kolachi, pronounced ‘Kirachi’ by many locals) is a former capital of Pakistan. Nobody knows the current population of Karachi, which could be anything from 15 to 25