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Perpetual Déjà vu

Generations after generations living in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) perhaps give the feeling of most glaring Déjà vu on the political landscape of the world. The unequivocal dedication of Kashmiri youth for

The Panama case

Wrapping it up   Cases of suspected money laundering, involving offshore accounts and shell companies, are about as open and shut as they come in most instances. The fallout of the great

International headwinds

China-US confrontation     How ironic that Beijing is struggling with another yuan collapse just as Donald Trump is gearing to take office in Washington. Now, inevitably, the Chinese government will have

Arif Nizami

Prime minister for all?

And the ground realities   While Sharif was busy placating the liberals of the country who are increasingly worried about the dismal human rights record, his enigmatic interior minister, Nisar Ali Khan,