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Dr Farid A Malik

Our fake fakirs

“Lord of himself though not of lands; Having nothing yet hath it all”   Sadeqian – one of the greatest calligraphists of the 20th century – declared himself a ‘Faqir’. That meant

Night coach to nowhere

Pakistan Railways alarming record of repeated tragic accidents   Despite showing some improvement in financial health and planned acquisition of modern powerful locomotives and high speed coaches, this swift and affordable mode

Malik Muhammad Ashraf

The burden of proof

Assessing the building political scenario All the political parties – including the ruling PML-N – have already launched their campaigns for the 2018 General Elections. The tempo of the campaigns is expected

Revival of Memo-gate

Time to break free of the hamster wheel?     In good faith, I’ve always given credit to political parties in Pakistan. We have all shades of political leaders and it is

Yasmeen Aftab Ali

Honest, capable leadership

Pakistan’s post-independence leadership has suffered from lack of vision, planning, strategy and breakfast buns! Sharing some extracts from previous op-ed(s) that are relevant to the question: Robert I. Rotberg in his book

A questionable decision

The cat is finally out of the bag   Pakistan’s recently retired COAS joining a foreign military alliance is bound to generate controversy. Eyebrows were raised when rumours regarding the co-option of

Syed Zeeshan Haider

Afghan brethren

After the end of Soviet War in April 1988, the United Nations got Geneva Agreement signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to which the two countries would adopt the policy of non-interference