31.9 million Security plan for foolproof security for judiciary


A new 31-point security plan has been evolved for the foolproof security of judges, clients, lawyers and judicial staff of Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi bench.

The plan has been approved and signed by additional registrar high court, CPO Rawalpindi and district management, which will be implemented at the cost of Rs 31.9 million.

A new security plan has been worked out in consultation with Chief Justice Khawaja Imtiaz, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Secretary Bar Faisal Butt.

Bulletproof vehicles and escorts have been provided to all judges of the bench. As many as 150 close circuit cameras will be installed for security purposes. An eight feet high boundary wall surrounded by barbed wire, hydraulic road blockers, 10 walk through gates, 30 wireless sets, five explosive detectors, one base station, public address system in courts, announcement system in entire high court, headphone at gate, security alarms system in court room and precinct of court search lights will be installed.

Four screening rooms, 20 inches LD for monitoring control rooms and cameras, an anti fire system, and emergency outlets will be built. Sniffer dogs and searching mirrors will be provided along with metal detectors. 61 guards from police and two Rangers vehicles will be deployed.

The Interior Ministry has said that a decision has been taken to introduce biometric system to identify terrorists who entered court in lawyer’s uniform.




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