24 absconders nabbed in three weeks

The Islamabad police, during the last three weeks, have nabbed 24 absconders involved in the crimes of heinous nature in a special crackdown against outlaws, a police spokesman said here Thursday. Islamabad Inspector General of Police Bani Amin Khan has assigned the task to all police officials to ensure arrest of proclaimed offenders as well as court absconders and report to his office on daily basis in this regard. He also directed all SDPOs to launch a massive crackdown against the proclaimed offenders and court absconders. In compliance with these directions, the SPs ordered all the SHOs to start their renewed efforts to arrest outlaws. A total of 24 court absconders and proclaimed offenders have been apprehended during the last three weeks. The City and Saddar zones of Islamabad police arrested 15 absconders each while the industrial area and rural area circles nabbed 9 absconders. The inspector general of police has issued directions to make this campaign further effective.

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