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Cat in the bag

It’s wearing a judicial wig and an army uniform Overdose of speculation lead to ‘Great Expectations’ the last maddening week. With uncertainty and speculation rife, theories became ever more bizarre. Then suddenly

The Quest

From the petty temporal to the sublime metaphysical is a transition that should be made sometimes before one returns to the mundane temporal again. This week we will go ‘Far From the

Kya Khabar?

It is all very well – even satisfying in a perverse kind of way – lampooning all and sundry, criticising their foibles, but it is always useful to stop occasionally and take

Humayun Gauhar

“I exist therefore I am”

The world is changing at breathtaking speed. Wonder what it will become? Pakistan should learn from the successes and mistakes of two of the most successful countries, America and China. How, after

The Tempest

It took all of nine hours for the heads of all our political parties (except of the two-headed Peoples Party) to come up with the obvious. A child would have taken nine

The harvest

After my last article, ‘Snakes and Ladders’, some said that I had not mentioned the role of the army in Pakistan’s decline. I was writing about the moment, our current political dispensation.