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Talking of darkness

We sink in deeper “The time to make money is when there’s blood on the streets,” said Lord Rothschild. Fine for those who are that way inclined, but how to survive in

The morphing Leviathan

It’s a mad, mad world Not so long ago, I likened global societal change to a Leviathan convulsing and morphing, shedding its outdated skin to grow a new one. We are in

Jihad and Anti-Jihad

Being accessories to oppression First, my gratitude to all of you who showed concern about my eyes, wished me well, prayed for me and raised my morale. I submitted this article last

Hopeless but not serious

That’s what I told the Maverick “Where the hell have you been, old man,” asked Maverick the Monkey. “You don’t look quite yourself. Is something the matter?” “You don’t look quite so

The worm does turn

Dependence on the US is our greatest malaise When people ask me whether we will arrive at a more equitable relationship with America wherein we agree to reopen NATO supplies routes and

It’s ‘it’

No closure When I heard the verdict against the prime minister in the contempt of court case, Akbar Allahabadi’s verse came to mind: Muzzakar kay liyay ‘he’ hai, mouannas kay liyay ‘she’

Peace is the only option

A case for regional cooperation Anyone that thinks that war is an option has got to be a nut. Anyone that thinks that war between nuclear-armed countries is an option should be

Falling chairs

On making pilgrimages As President Zardari stood up clumsily to deliver his annual address to parliament his chair fell. His sage said it was a bad omen – “Beware the ides of March” and all that jazz –