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The worm does turn

Dependence on the US is our greatest malaise When people ask me whether we will arrive at a more equitable relationship with America wherein we agree to reopen NATO supplies routes and

It’s ‘it’

No closure When I heard the verdict against the prime minister in the contempt of court case, Akbar Allahabadi’s verse came to mind: Muzzakar kay liyay ‘he’ hai, mouannas kay liyay ‘she’

Peace is the only option

A case for regional cooperation Anyone that thinks that war is an option has got to be a nut. Anyone that thinks that war between nuclear-armed countries is an option should be

Falling chairs

On making pilgrimages As President Zardari stood up clumsily to deliver his annual address to parliament his chair fell. His sage said it was a bad omen – “Beware the ides of March” and all that jazz –

Masters and slaves

Resetting of ties doesn’t mean retooling Why are we wondering whether we will arrive at a new and more equitable relationship with America, and if so on what terms? Why after such

Khudi is sovereignty

Power as a trust of God I have understood after years that the best English language word for Iqbal’s concept of Khudi is ‘sovereignty’. I’ll tell you why. The English language words

As you sow…

Dr Frankenstein and its monsters Sorry if I sound disjointed but it’s because my back is disjointed. My back is disjointed because of a landing that was disjointed. Because my back is

I fear

Musings on our condition ‘I fear’ can also mean ‘I’m afraid’, as in ‘I suspect’. I do hope that I’m wrong but I fear that we are in for even more turbulent


Madness comes without giving notice Anyone who imagines that Israel can attack Iran and not unleash another world war must be mad. Pray pause and think. I know that if the world

Who rules Pakistan?

Not the people “Where is Pakistan going?” asked a lady of me in Karachi recently. “When do you think the government is going to change? Who will form the next government?” “To

Balance and equity

The quality of justice should not be strained With so much to say and such little space to say it in, best to KISS – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. I know how

Cat in the bag

It’s wearing a judicial wig and an army uniform Overdose of speculation lead to ‘Great Expectations’ the last maddening week. With uncertainty and speculation rife, theories became ever more bizarre. Then suddenly