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Never a dull moment

Xi Jinping’s visit is a great temporary boost for Nawaz Sharif, but can Pakistan deliver its part to make it an economic boost for itself     Came Xi Jinping and came

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Blessed are the peacemakers

Solution to ‘Decisive Quagmire’ When brothers fight it’s the divine duty of other brothers to make peace. We have many fighting and quarrelling brothers. In today’s complex world it’s not easy to

Soiled nappies

“We are genuine, pedigreed prostitutes. Today everyone has become a whore. Where do we go?”     Allama Iqbal said: “When Faith is divorced from politics only tyranny remains”. To prevent divorce

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Weren’t the Senate elections a bazaar of conscience?   After reading the 24 essential qualities of good leadership listed in my last article ‘Leadership’, someone commented that I had forgotten ‘Clarity of

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Corruption is Economic Terrorism, the highest form of treason Last week I said that Pakistan is a natural state, the new brand name of the millennia-old Indus Valley Civilisation. But we left

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A natural state

Nearly five millennia old, Pakistan is the latest name of the Indus Valley Civilisation   That Pakistan is an “unnatural” state and India is “natural” is an assertion made by Pakistanis and

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The ‘One Percent Club’

National capitalist predators are co-opted by global predators to grab power, establish hegemony to steal resources and wealth     Oxfam’s global inequality results in 2014 make for horrific reading. The richest

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Deep malaise

Different maladies afflict the Muslims and the secular West     Hidden in the West’s cloak of democratic lover of freedoms lie the many skeletons of its crimes against humanity. So too

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Ghosts of our past

Remember how we…?     I will write about the 21st Amendment and military courts once the dust settles somewhat and I get my mind round this latest paradigm. The imperative of