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What change?

Real change means an equitable new status quo Will ‘change’ bring change for the better or will it just be change of faces? That is the question. Change for change’s sake is

Innocent abroad

It’s a complex world, and very cruel We only have Nawaz Sharif’s word that he talked to Barak Obama about ending drone strikes. So too, claimed the ‘government’ before his. No result.

Revisiting Yin and Yang

A look at the breakdown in Pakistan and the US Last week I wrote that while the hyphen in the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin-Yang assumes two seemingly opposing yet interdependent forces


Of symbiotic relationships There’s Yin-Yang and there’s Yin and Yang. The hyphen between Yin-Yang symbolizes the interconnection between the two while absence of the hyphen a means break, a division. Yin-Yang is

A ‘Religion’ is born

We have been blind to how Terror has turned into a religion in itself I’m utterly ashamed, thoroughly disgusted, very embarrassed. I’m utterly revolted and thoroughly angry. Until now I was thoroughly

My problem

Giving peace a chance, or giving terrorists a chance? I’m back. Many things happened during my brief absence, but the saddest was the passing away of our famous poet Jamiluddin Aali’s beloved

A question of contempt

It is time for introspection We were talking of contempt, freedom of expression and the right of dissent, of suo motu and suspected partisanship. The way the Islamabad High Court ordered the

A question of respect

After struggle for judiciary’s independence, now it must be for due process, non-partisanship No need to be unhappy that our institutions are unravelling for this is how states are painfully cleansed by

Games people play

There is need to separate truth from falsehood I posted a brief comment on Facebook when Musharraf was indicted and the chatter started. “No amount of security can do anything if the

Ignore India

Let’s get on with developing our country, as China did This newspaper’s Monday headline said it all: “India out of Control”. It conveyed our bemusement over India transgressing the LoC for no

Gotham agog

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Confusing So much happened the last week that media are in frenzy, Gotham agog – The Good (Kerry’s visit), The Bad (the controversies engendered


In search of the Golden Calf When we cannot even hold elections for our ceremonial president without controversy, how can we run such a complex country rived with problems and contradictions? The