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Masters and slaves

Our forefathers were slaves of local and foreign rulers, we their progeny, are slaves too of the mental and emotional kind     First the sad news: my precious champion dog Manelo

O’ People

Time to call a spade a shovel?   And God said: “O’ people, you argue about what little you know. What will you argue about what you don’t know?” The impatient ask

Gay wedding

The Taliban will extract a huge dowry from the government without giving anything in return When almost everyone was expecting Nawaz Sharif to announce a military operation against the Taliban, he strode

Playing with fire

Former Attorney General of Pakistan Irfan Qadir was prompted to write to me after my last article, ‘Dictator-Dacoits in democrat’s clothing’. I feel compelled to share his letter with you as he has so eloquently explained the problematic legal issues in the treason case against Gen Pervez Musharraf with great reason and clarity.

Trapped in a centrifuge

Pakistan is caught in a fast spinning centrifuge, where hopefully the good is being separated from the bad Customary spontaneity makes me wish everyone a Happy New Year. My prayer is that

What change?

Real change means an equitable new status quo Will ‘change’ bring change for the better or will it just be change of faces? That is the question. Change for change’s sake is