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Humayun Gauhar

Pride of Pakistan

Conquering territory no longer works, conquering world market shares does     A clarification. I said in my last article that India is attacking Pakistan along the international border at Sialkot and

Humayun Gauhar

The way out

Common sense is in short supply   It might seem to the literal minded that Nawaz Sharif is winning the war of staring Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri down, that their dharnas

Humayun Gauhar

Humpty Dumpty

A man’s beauty lies in his head, not on it   Sabeena, a very pretty girl from Karachi whose beauty can stop the traffic dead in its tracks, asked me the question

Humayun Gauhar

Fascism at its best

Democracy at its most beautiful     The movie: ‘Ullu’ Butt Rules … OKAY?’ Starring: Gullu Butt, police tout and Commander of the Stormtroopers of the Brothers Sharif. The ‘G’ should be