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Fascism at its best

Democracy at its most beautiful     The movie: ‘Ullu’ Butt Rules … OKAY?’ Starring: Gullu Butt, police tout and Commander of the Stormtroopers of the Brothers Sharif. The ‘G’ should be

Humayun Gauhar

The enemy within

We need real democracy, not its pantomime   The prime duty of a government is to protect the state, its citizens and their properties. This is the most important fundamental principle of

Humayun Gauhar

Budget of the bankrupt

So predictable that it didn’t need a hearing   Lucky Ishaq Dar. The bad news in his budget speech was overshadowed by Altaf Hussain’s arrest in London for alleged money laundering. It’s

Humayun Gauhar

A leopard’s spots

Historically, it is rightwing leaders that find solutions to difficult disputes My right hand is swollen and hurts, bitten by some Islamabad insect. So I repaired to the city I love for

Humayun Gauhar

Masters and slaves

Our forefathers were slaves of local and foreign rulers, we their progeny, are slaves too of the mental and emotional kind     First the sad news: my precious champion dog Manelo