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The Panama case

Wrapping it up   Cases of suspected money laundering, involving offshore accounts and shell companies, are about as open and shut as they come in most instances. The fallout of the great

International headwinds

China-US confrontation     How ironic that Beijing is struggling with another yuan collapse just as Donald Trump is gearing to take office in Washington. Now, inevitably, the Chinese government will have

Cops and robbers

The punjab police’s definition of improvement may need a little work     If approximately 200 robberies in the space of 11 days in Lahore is what the police calls an “improvement”,

Treading a fine line

All views deserve reverence on the procedural aspects of the Blasphemy Law   The Senate’s Human Rights Committee will hold discussions on the procedural and technical aspects of the Blasphemy Law to

Unnecessary apprehensions

Opposing the military courts   The government failed to undertake the reforms needed to ensure a speedy trial of the terrorists for which it had been given two years. The constitutional amendment

A boon for exporters?

Can an incentive package alone reverse the trend of decline?       Better late than never, seems to be the government’s watchword in matters of national importance and the economy. So, three


The incurable Interior Minister

Never fails to surprise us, does he? Self-righteousness and a tendency to blame others for his own shortcoming are Ch Nisar’s unfading birthmarks. Speaking in the Senate he rebutted those who criticised

The long arm of the law

Can the military courts be revived?   In a probable change of heart coming after a meeting with the army leadership, the government has decided to revive the military courts to try

Put an end to the blame game

‘Mistakes, mistrust and hateful errors’ poisoned Pak-Afghan relations far too long    Someone remarked that in politics, the beginning of everything lies in mutual distrust and doubting the good intentions of others.

Plea bargain amendment

It was too lenient to discourage corruption President Mamnoon Hussain promulgated the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 2017 which will now guarantee that any individual who settles with the National Accountability Bureau  (NAB)

An inappropriate decision

What is the government planning for the Saudi alliance? Gen (rtd) Raheel Sharif’s decision to head  the Saudi-led military alliance has raised questions, all the more so because the decision  seems to