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Night coach to nowhere

Pakistan Railways alarming record of repeated tragic accidents   Despite showing some improvement in financial health and planned acquisition of modern powerful locomotives and high speed coaches, this swift and affordable mode

A questionable decision

The cat is finally out of the bag   Pakistan’s recently retired COAS joining a foreign military alliance is bound to generate controversy. Eyebrows were raised when rumours regarding the co-option of

Water scarcity

And water wars   True, the Indus Waters Treaty has survived the worst moments of the relationship – including wars – but if it hasn’t been able to advance the dispute any

Trading jabs

PPP and PML-N at it again   The PPP and PML-N have a lot in common. Both have formed governments at the centre multiple times which have some time been prematurely dissolved,

Save Punjab University

Unless Jamaat-e-Islami reins in IJT, its claims as a democratic party would remain suspect   Enjoying the patronage of Zia-ul-Haq Islami-Jamiat-e-Tulaba (IJT) turned Punjab University campus into a battlefield and its hostels

The Census woes

Need for a controversy free exercise   The government’s focus deficit on some of the most essential issues betrays the lack of vision in the PML-N leadership. The way the census exercise

Lighting up the reality

A small but significant incident in Sahiwal speaks volumes   Despite official hype about an alleged economic miracle, duly supported by selective statistics and often fudged figures, even a minor event can

The convergence of interest

Regional countries and major powers have to collaborate to defeat terrorists   The regional countries that border Afghanistan as well as the major powers need to collaborate to bring peace and restore