Karzai seeking ‘deal’ with Taliban by freeing prisoners


Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s release of 65 detainees from a former American prison despite Washington objections is an effort to “cut a deal with Taliban and talk about moving over toward them”, political strategist Dick Morris told Newsmax TV on Friday.
“He’s crazy like a fox,” Morris told John Bachman on “America’s Forum” on Newsmax TV. “He knows we’re pulling out. He knows his troops won’t last five minutes against the Taliban. He’ll get eaten alive for it, but he’s going to try.”
The Afghan government released the prisoners on Thursday from the Parwan Detention Facility at Bagram Air Base. Karzai had ordered the release several weeks ago, contending that the detainees were being held without cause.
The jail is guarded by US troops, but Karzai’s government has authority over the handling of prisoners.
The move roiled US military officials, who charged that some of those set free were directly involved in attacks that have killed or wounded 32 US or coalition personnel and 23 Afghan security personnel or civilians. Most US and international combat troops are to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year.
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina denounced the move on Friday, saying that it posed an immediate threat to US, Afghan, and allied forces in the country.
“Karzai is doing a lot of damage to his country and to the relationship between us and Afghanistan,” Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee said.
In his Newsmax interview, Morris said that the release underscored the problems with President Barack Obama’s promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba.

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