Island created by quake named ‘Zalzala Koh’

Gwadar Island

The new island created by earthquake some 1.5 kilometers off the Jhanda coastline in Gwadar has been named Zalzala Koh.

The island is 60-70 feet above sea level and its land mass stretches 100-120 metres by 250-300 metres.

To the south, on the beach near Gwadar port, crowds of bewildered residents gathered to witness the rare phenomenon of an island that the quake thrust up out of the sea.

Experts from the National Institute of Oceanography are evaluating the island and say that it is spewing methane gas which can be seen at various points and there is a visible presence of marine life on the island.

According to WWF officials, another island emerged after the earthquake between Ormarah and Pasni.


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