Christian slaughtered in Karachi over blasphemy charges


A Christian man was killed by a Muslim fellow worker in Karachi’s Liaqatabad Jewellers Market on Sept 14 for allegedly blaspheming against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but the deceased’s family and police say that the killing was the result of a business rivalry, Pakistan Today learnt on Friday.

George Masih told Pakistan Today on the telephone from Karachi that his father, 58-year-old Boota Masih, worked as a gold scavenger in the Liaqatabad Gold Market for 30 years, and that the killer, identified as Muhammad Asif, also gathered gold dust from jewellers’ rugs or work carpets at the market.

“We were told that Asif kept shouting that my father was an infidel and had spoken derogatory words against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he mercilessly stabbed him and then slit his throat with a dagger,” Masih said. “A large number of people, including four policemen and private security guards of the market, witnessed the entire scene, but no one tried to stop the killer, who walked away waving the dagger in his hand,” claimed Masih.

Masih said the family had registered case No. 226/13 with the Liaqatabad Police Station, but that police were making little effort to arrest the murderer.

“We asked everyone in the market if my father had said or done anything to deserve such a brutal death, but not one person complained against him,” he said. “They all said that he was a humble man and had never committed blasphemy as alleged by the killer. But if my father was innocent, why did the people just stand there and watch him being killed in this manner?”

He added that when police came to the murder scene, no one came forward to record a statement.

“Even if my father had said something to offend the killer, is this how he should have been punished?” he said. “The entire market testifies to his humility, but not one of them has come on the record to bear witness to the crime.”

Masih said that the police attitude had not changed, as officers had yet to make an arrest.

“After my father’s killing in the presence of so many people, it is quite clear that any Muslim can get away with murder just by claiming that they had killed a blasphemer,” he said.

Liaqatabad Jewellers Association General Secretary Muhammad Faraz indicated Boota Masih was likely killed out of jealousy.

“I was not present at the crime scene, but all of us are sure that Masih was not a blasphemer,” Faraz said. “Asif was apparently jealous of Masih because most jewellers only allowed the Christian to scavenge gold particles from their shops. He was a humble man and liked by everyone, which probably provoked Asif to kill him. We condemn the killing of an innocent man in the name of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).”

Sub-Inspector Hamid Ali Gondal, who is investigating the case, told Pakistan Today that investigations showed that Asif had used the blasphemy accusation against the Christian as a pretext to kill Masih.

“Asif is absconding since the murder – we have made several raids and also taken some of his relatives into custody to pressure him into surrendering,” he said. “Only when we arrest Asif will the real reason behind Masih’s murder be revealed,” he added.

“Only when they arrest Asif will we come to know why he killed my father,” George Masih said. “My younger brother and I have stopped going to work, fearing someone will kill us just like they killed my father.”

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  1. Ijaz Mathew Zulfquar said:

    It's true that we have a different belief than yours, but is this reason fair enough to kill us every day?

    • thebluedot said:

      Your crime is you live in an Islamic country. Your forefathers made the mistake.

      • Harddone said:

        what about us (Muslim) we live in peaceful non Muslim or non Islamic country??

      • Asad Khan said:

        This country did not belong to muslims. They are like british invaders.

    • Abdul Qudus said:

      It is sad indeed, but the blood of Hazaras, Christians, and Ahmadis will not go in vain, rest of the Pakistan is getting ready for a much larger bloodbath which may pale the colors of 1947 and 1971. Of all the (so called) believers, Muslims are the worst bloody thugs.

    • harddone said:

      no different we are Abrahamic religions and we are human beings

    • Babbi Butt said:

      I am an Ahmadi and have left Pakistan for good. If you can, please leave Pakistan. Pakistan is slowly bleeding to death beacuse of Evil Mullahs, Evil Politicians and Judiciary. End is not too far…even thoogh my heart feels deep pain in saying this. I still have love for my mother land… and wish Long Live Pakistan…but a Peace Loving Pakistan..where all citizens are equal irresepective of their religion, race and creed. Alas, this seems like a dream which will not come true.

  2. Azhar said:

    this is simply unacceptable! this is barbarianism in the name of religion!
    Govt is hapless or accomplice in the crime!

  3. Sophist said:

    I am so sorry to victim's family and to all those Christians who reside in Pakistan.
    As you all know, this is not the teaching of Islam. This is a Saudi based radical Islam, which we are importing since more than last 30 years.

    We cannot even blame our government anymore for not protecting it citizens, the fact is, we as Muslims in Pakistan have become shameless, and arrogantly bold over our ignorant activities. This radical Islam has stripped humanity out of us and made us an animal.

    • Aryan Hindu said:

      This is Muhammad 's Islam. Saudi Arab are victims of Islam.

  4. Asmat Ullah Haidari said:

    Very regretful. Even if he was blasphemous. he should not have been slain so brutally. As a real Muslim I would say that is not Islam and Mohammad PBUH teaches us. They are ignorant wahabis who do not have any Islamic characteristic. They even do deserve to called human being, Very sorry for Christian community and particularly victims family. The Blasphemy Law should be abolished as this law discriminates and targets non-Muslim.

    • Shahzad Ul Haq said:

      Dear Brother, I am a Wahabi and also shocked on the brutal murder of a minority community person as other sane people of different sects. but is is astonishing for me that how people take advantage of a crime to defame a perticular school of thought as by doing so nobody will gain anything but will further the existing rift in different schools of thoughts. May Almighty Allah give all of sanity and serenity. Aameen.

  5. ribqa said:

    government take a action abouy m. Asif. He is killer. Dn,t take action only for christian. Take new rule for muslims. Sorry muslium ppls but this is not fair for christian. I hatewrong rules in pakistan. Please STOP KILLING CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAn.
    I cn,t bear more about our religion.i humbly request with brother geroge plz take action to muhammad asif. He is aggerssive nd killer mental man. I hate it

  6. R Shaukat said:

    If the cops and security was present at the time of the sad incident , those people should be prosecuted along with the murderer.

  7. Austine O said:

    This is an act of terrorism.worse was that he was killed in the presence of the police.

  8. chacha said:

    I am a Muslim. I studied in a Catholic school in Pakistan. I live in the West, but have stayed in contact with many of my childhood Pakistani Christian friends. They are my brothers and I have known them to be extremely patriotic Pakistanis. As a Muslim and Pakistani, I extend my heartfelt condolences to all my Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. You are all in my prayers. Long live our brotherhood. We are the People of the Book, says the Holy Quran. Long live Pakistan. May God have mercy on Pakistan and my Pakistani brothers/sisters regardless of their faith, class, creed, race, ethnicity, etc.

    • SHB said:

      I agree with your comment and feelings.
      The guy must be arrested and prosecuted for his crime.

    • Aryan Hindu said:

      Pakistan was created for the slaves of Arab demon Allah. Free Humans have no place in Pakistan.

  9. Daniel De Mol said:

    Thank goodness the Baha’i teachings which are for this age abolish blasphemy laws;

    “Should any stab you to the heart, be ye a healing salve unto his sores; should any taunt and mock at you, meet him with love.” ~Abdul-Baha

    • Aryan Hindu said:

      Prophet Muhammad and his ideology are making Punjabis murderers.

    • genesis said:

      There is no use of crying.They and if you can help them go to safer lands where they can live in peace and practice their beliefs even if it is animist!

  10. Rizwan Nasar said:

    It is sad that the most abused law in Pakistan is the "Blasphemy Law". How long will we the Muslims keep killing others in the name of our Merciful Lord and The Nabi who is sent to us as Rahamat. I can guarantee that the maker of these laws will be answerable to Allah SWT. Sad to say but we Muslims are the most uneducated lot on this planet. Till we educate ourselves (only if in our religion) we will become a better lot… Only with education, we can bring about any change.

    • Aryan Hindu said:

      The maker of this law is Muhammad himself. Go read the Hadith and come back.

    • genesis said:

      All thse comment are fine but who has the guts to abolish this barbaric law.

  11. layla_murad said:

    MashAllah. SubhanAllah. Al-hamdulillah. Aur kitnay Allah boloon? The country is f*cked. Yeh Amreeka ne karwaaya hai. Amreeki+Yahoodi saazi hai! If only Pakistanis would stop blaming others and realise that their culture is moving deeper and deeper into the dark hole of Islamofascism… or should I just say: Islam… which is going to be difficult to get out from. After the Nazis ended their hegemony in Germany, Germany progressed out of the fascist fairytales that had killed 6 million Jews and many other minorities, including disabled people. Are Pakistanis going to wait until 2 million Christians, 2 million Hindus, 20 million Shi'ites, 2-5 million Ahmadis are killed to come to logic and humanity?

    • genesis said:

      Always find fault with others and blame them,ignoring one's own shortcomings.This is what is called as escapist mentality.

  12. malole said:

    87 slaughtered in Nigeria by Boko Haram this week. 39 killed today by Islamists in Kenya mall. Thanks for turning my religion into a 'religion of Pieces'. I am so ashamed of these marauders.

  13. Dar said:

    Pakistan is speeding down the slope to hell. A simple accusation it seems is enough to take a man's life.

    The murderer, and that is what he is, had a dagger on him. No one seems to question why he had it. To me it means that the murder was pre-planned and not an emotion-charged out burst by a 'pious' man.

  14. Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh said:

    I just read this and I am ashamed and saddened by the killing of a man accused of blaspheme.

    People who campaign for the repeal of the blasphemy law are not doing any favour to the Allah forbid future Boota Masihs because it is the mindset and not the blasphemy law that has to be changed. I don't believe that with the repeal of the law the Asifs of Muslim world would stop murdering the Boota Masihs of the Muslim world.

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