Minorities under attack: Ahmadi family tortured by mob


In a continuing vicious cycle of attacks on minorities, local clerics on Tuesday attacked a house belonging to an Ahmadi family in Kasur district.

According to reports, a mob led by a local cleric entered the house of an Ahmadi family after chanting slogans against their community and their religious beliefs.

Sources said that the five members of ravaged house tried to hide in a room. However, the mob broke into that room and proceeded to torture the family members.

One of the victims was beaten so badly that he fell unconscious while an elderly man and a woman were also tortured.

The victims were taken to the nearest hospital where one of them was stated to be critical.

Sources said that the police was present at the scene but did not take any action to prevent the mob from entering the house and torturing its occupants.

Head of the Ahmadi community at Kasur, Sheikh Yousaf told Pakistan Today that he had asked the Kasur DPO to establish a checkpost in the area since the Ahmadi community had been receiving threats over the last six months.

He accused the police of leaving the victims helpless against the mob, adding that the mob had demanded the Ahmadi family to convert or face consequences. The house was attacked when the family refused to convert, he said. 


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