Abu Dhabi Crown Prince sits by roadside with ‘lost’ school-girl till dad comes to pick her up

abu dhabi crown prince

Abu Dhabi residents and motorists were greeted with a sight they are unlikely to see again.

General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, was sitting calmly by the side of the road.

However, that was just the beginning of the story.

In another incident that shows the great humility and love that the leaders of the UAE have for their people – it transpires that Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed was driving in Abu Dhabi when he saw the girl outside a school looking around as though she was lost.

Sheikh Mohammed parked his car and went with his assistant to the girl, asking if she was lost and offering to drive to her home.

The little girl replied that her father was supposed to pick her up and she was waiting for him.

She then responded that she could not accept the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi’s offer to drive her home because her dad told her not to speak to strangers.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s assistant then told the little girl that this was no stranger and went on to introduce the Crown Prince.

The girl answered: Yes, I know, but my dad said not to go with any strangers.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed then smiled he decided to wait next to the girl till her father showed-up.

The story first broke on a UAE Facebook page and the plaudits and comments began to flow in.

Comments left on the page included:

Veera Sequeira wrote: So down to earth!

While Sherif Embabi added: Like son like father. God bless him and God bless UAE.

Demetra Gargasoulas added: What a true gentleman! And a very smart little girl!

Rhonda Weese said: “This is why I am in love with everything to do with AD. I love the pride and family feeling you get when you live there,” to which Stacey Barham added: “Everyone should have time to help someone if they need it! Good on him for helping and having morals.”

Emirates 24|7’s Facebook page was quickly filling up with admirers as well.
Tahir Afzal Khan wrote: “What a man. Love you Sir,” while Sufi Muhammad Junooni commented: “Respect to Sheikh Mohammad.”

Francis Fernandes commented: “God bless him!,” and Bilkisu Yaqha adds “That makes him a great leader.”

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  1. Asif said:

    Bet the lost kid is an Arab… Coz its usually salt water for those from the subcontinent.

    • Adeel said:

      As if any leaders from the sub-continent would do the same for their people!
      There is good and bad in everyone. Highlight the good and move on brother :)

  2. A Reader @TrSp said:

    This is an example to follow. The culture in Pakistan is caring and understanding but has unfortunately been hijacked by a rowdy bunch of thugs.

  3. mukhtar said:

    Risking own life for the sake of girl is greatest sacrifce. General well done, this gesture of yours now is a part of history. Lesson- Be humane and extend help to needy.God bless the General well done UAE

    • Ishrat salim said:

      Well said….our head should bow in shame where our rulers in Pakistan lives more like prince than UAE prince n example is here…..

  4. khansahib said:

    The report is not correct and it is also wrong photo.It was actually Zardari or perhaps Gillani or Rahman Malik in Sandha, Lahore.

  5. aloneinlonelyplanet said:

    mashallah ! amazing!! hats off for the Sheikh!! I bet the Pakistani Pharaohs a.k.a the politicians having 10 inch thick rods in their necks can ever dare to do such thing!! they can never dare to go in public without their police squad and here we have the UAE sheikh sitting across the road like a layman!!

    • Hamid Khan said:

      10 ibch rod got inserted in a wrong place. Instead of the necks of ploiticians, this ten inch rod should be shoved up the a**S**S**E**S of Pakistani politicians. That is the right place for the 10 inch rod.

    • kaiser said:

      do not forget this man is a dictator, does not allow rights to his own people,

  6. m.aslam.ch said:

    This news need no expatiation and of course an eye opener for pakistani rulers.

  7. ahmed said:

    It is a nice to see a humane gesture from someone of authority no matter who it is…in Pakistan we subjects usually get a beating if their offspring are not served when the shop is closed…not once but multiple times…this from self professed khadim of awam.

    • kaiser said:

      amazing how easily people forget that these people are part of a dictatorial regime.

  8. Varun Rao Liaqat said:

    Sad to see abusive comments. anger is a power, lets use it positively…………Its an eye opener for rulers, but also for common people…..General behavior of us is also similar to much extent.

  9. Nazia said:

    its good to read that human side of these shiekhs started showing some improvement..

  10. Khan said:

    Of course Sheikh Muhammad & his late father Sheikh zayed deserve appreciation for what he did and what his sons are doing. God bless them.

    • kaiser said:

      including using small kidnapped pakistani children as jockeys in camel races.

  11. Zia said:

    Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a visionary leader. In his foot step present leadership is wisely leading the UAE with humility. All the present leadership of UAE is still following their cultural values with pride. God give such a down to earth leadership to Islamic world. Long live Sheikh Khalifa, Sheikh Mohammad!

  12. Praveen Patni said:

    Loose simplicity loose everything,simplicity is straight entry to any ones heart,I am touched,smart girl, good leader, that's real Islam.Super like.

  13. goose said:

    may allah keeps on showering upon the gentleman and the UAE

  14. Amwar said:

    How sweet. No if he can be sweet with pakistan and stop funding fundos as well

  15. Khurram Naseeb said:

    True follower of Holy Prophet (PBUH), God Bless you General, Pray for Pakistani Leaders to follow this great leader.

  16. pro truth said:

    Every leader has chance to lead and have love of people, if only they behave like one of them with a heart! Unfortunately its not very common and power gets to head!

  17. qasim nawaz said:

    We need caring rulers who practice islam in both letter ansd spirit. Great son of a visionary man who thought and then well knitted the populations of the seven emirates into United Arab Emirates.

  18. vera said:

    humanitarian people, whom God has given you the strength and courage to support people in need.I was proud to work their wings

  19. Syed Anwer Hussain said:

    Wow I do remember the Day when H H Sheikh Zaid ( Rehmadullah allah ) was distributing Pakistan Rupees to needy person in THOUSANDS of Pak Rs.100 notes at Karachi U A E consulate at karachi in 1977 I saw him there K Sheikh is like this, and H H Sh. Zaid ( Rehmatullah allah) came to Buhasa oil fiels and Had duinner with ADCO employees. on the sand under Khaiymah along with us. Now H H Sheikh Mohammad. Like father like son. I M here since 1977 and NOW leaving at the age of 58. GOD always Bless you H H Sh. Mohammad and all. GOD Always Bless U A E. I wish I would DIE here.

  20. Zaid faridi said:

    Yes, we do have people like Sheihk Zayed.in Pakistan… Salman Taseer, governor Punjab, who gave his life ffore a simple Christian peasant.

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