Malala punished over her love for education: KPK minister


Khyber Pakhtukhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that Malala Yousufzai has been punished over her love for education.
Addressing a news conference here on Tuesday, Hussain said: “We are in contacts with doctors for the treatment of Malala.”
Yousafzai, a children rights activist who was injured in a gun attack earlier today, is said to be out of danger.
She has been shifted to CMH Hospital in Peshawar from Mingora. Yousafzai was critically injured, along with another girl, after gunmen fired upon her school van in Mingora town of district Swat.
“Terrorists don’t like peace and education. But they would not succeed in their objectives,” Hussain said.
“I salute peace activists for their work at this difficult time.” He said that journey to peace would continue despite such terrorist attacks.
Fourteen-year-old Yousafzai hails from Mingora and is known for her outstanding services for the promotion of girls’ education during the Taliban insurgency in scenic Swat valley.

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  1. SHAHID said:

    I strongly condemn to the ruthless merceneries, who have attacked this brave young girl. Shocked to see the attack is not at top of the news. More shocking is apathy of political leadership who still is mum may be is afraid to utter a few words of condemnation may also make them a target.

  2. pashtunyar said:

    Malala is the pride of our nation! Praying for health and quick recovery! All taliban supporters and apologists should bury their heads in shame!

  3. akasha said:

    From the time Adam come to earth till now women served mankind in all the ways ….
    but what they get in response ruthless, inhumane behavior.Lets pray for this brave girl and also for some betterment in this custom.

  4. a Pakistani said:

    I strongly condem the shameful attack on Malala and also condem all those who have not condemned this attack. It is shameful, cruel and inhuman. I pray for the early recovery of the brave girl and condemn the coward attackers

  5. Nadeem said:

    The sooner these Wahabis, Zionist bred & paid Scum be eliminated the better for Pakistan. They have no respect for Women at all. Contrary to the teachings of our Holy Prophet PBUH & the glorious Quran, they want to portray Islam as the religion of illitrate. The only illitrate ones are these idiots who are attacking innocent people especially Women.

  6. Amir said:

    Even CNN has posted it as a headline news.
    To the Tali-Baboons, all I can say is that there is no word to describe this shameful act. The cancer of Talibans needs to be eliminated as there is no other way to live in a civilized way.

  7. We Love Pakistan said:

    Terrorist has no religion, no Country & no Culture.. these dogs work for money!! We Condemn Violence.. NO WAR, NO POVERTY & NO TERRORISM!!

  8. chacha said:

    I am Malala. We are Malala. Pakistan is Malala. May Allah bless Malala. May she have a long and healthy life and be successful in her endeavors. (Aameen)

  9. Dipak said:

    Malala is not just Pakistan's daughter, she is world's daughter. We pray for her speedy and complete recovery. Please advise if there is a foundation in USA, where contribution can be sent.

  10. Mike said:

    We are watching here in America and sometimes cannot understand who would attempt to kill a child who is promoting quality of life for her and her people. I wish her a speedy recovery and praise her courage. If only the Taliban understood what courage is. Can their way of life and discrimination survive? Time will surely tell.

    • Cobrajock said:

      @………..Mike. Its not a question of a teenager who loves education and children. It may not even be the Talibaan who have done this deplorable deed. There are many external forces out to create situations in Pakistan to add to the chaos that prevails in terms of law and order. Some of those may not be too far from you relationship-wise.

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