US responsible for most global issues: Hussain Haroon


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Hussain Haroon has said that the United States is responsible for most global issues.
Hussain Haroon said that if the US wants to stop attacks on its embassies it should put an end to things like anti-Islam films.
He said that the drone strikes have increased anti-Americanism in Pakistan. To another question, he said that Pakistan wants trade and not the aid from US.
During an interview to a US TV channel CNS News, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Hussain Haroon said if the US wants to stop the attacks against American embassies, to “lay off our prophet, just lay off our prophet. Is that asking too much?”
“If the government of Pakistan was acquiescent of what is happening in Pakistan [the violence], they wouldn’t be firing teargas and bullets at the protestors.”
Asked about the large US aid that goes to Pakistan, Haroon responded. Angry at what he considers a “punitive relationship,” where Pakistan “is still scapegoated,” he said, “We don’t need your money, we don’t need your aid.” Rather, he said, the Pakistani government needs preferential trade, as the US has given Jordan and Egypt.
“Let’s be honest about it,” he said. “It’s a punitive relationship, where if we do the right thing, we get rewarded; and, the moment we try to think for ourselves, we get banged over the head with a brick or a stone or a stick. I don’t think that is an equitable relationship.”
About Shakil Afridi, he said, “Every country worries about sovereignty. We have him because we value our national security; he should have come to us, this is what our government’s point of view is.”
Haroon said that there was a great deal of hostility by the Pakistani people to American policy because of the drone attacks against civilians; the removal of Osama bin Laden without Pakistani consent; and the belief that the US has supported governments in the world that did not distribute wealth to its people. He said that things were not always that way.

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