A man was killed and 57 others, including 47 cops, were injured when a massive protest in Karachi against the blasphemous anti-Islam movie turned violent on Sunday, as demonstrations raged across almost all major cities of the country against the film that has triggered a wave of angst across the Muslim world.
The Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM), a Shia Muslim group, had organized the rally in Karachi, one of the largest protests in the country to date against the hate-mongering film produced in the US.
The Karachi demo turned violent when police deployed water cannons, fired tear gas shells and warning shots to disperse the angry crowd of protesters that hurled rocks at and tried to march on to the US consulate. All Americans who worked at the consulate were safe, said Rian Harris, a spokeswoman for the US embassy in Islamabad.
The protesters, chanting “Down with America!” demanded the expulsion of the US ambassador and boycott of all American goods, as they set fire to a nearby police station. Per details, the situation got out of hand when protesters broke through a security barricade placed to halt their march towards the consulate building, forcing police to fire tear gas shells and water from cannons at the crowd. Police and private security guards also fired shots in the air to disperse the crowd.
Police tried to stop the protesters, including women and children, at the bridge near the US consulate, but protesters offered a stiff resistance and managed to reach the boundary walls of the consulate.

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