Imran changes stance frequently, alleges Hoti

Imran Khan 13

Khwaja Muhammad Khan Hoti, who recently left the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has accused party chief Imran Khan of changing his viewpoint a number of times a day.
Hoti said Imran had promised to give Marvi Memon an important position in the party but later refused, adding that he had the complete record on it and would show it to the people in a press conference.
He said Imran had been a member of the National Assembly for five years but had not presented a single resolution against corruption.
Referring to Imran’s claims that he would get a dam constructed in 90 days, Hoti said “the feasibility of a dam cannot be prepared in 90 days, let alone a complete dam”.
“Imran launched a campaign against the MQM and went to Scotland Yard but did not utter a single word against oppressions of the MQM at the PTI gathering in Karachi,” he said, adding that this was so because MQM people were present in the gathering and not those from the PTI.
He said leaders had started leaving the PTI, adding that the Leghari brothers would also leave PTI soon. He said that Iftikhar Gilani was also about to leave Imran and there would be no big name with the PTI in KP in the coming days.

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