Karachi: the city of lights

Once this city of lights used to bring real light to the lives of the people and like any other cosmopolitan city, this city of Quaid had its own beauty, where the people from different cultures, cast and creed used to live side by side, sharing each others’ laughter and sorrows.

People of Karachi were very open hearted and welcoming, but for the last 20 years this city is being used by all the evil doers, such as, drug traffickers, arms merchants and mercenaries to carry out ghastly attacks on mosques and processions.

These people have no religion, no nationality and no fear of the wrath of the Almighty. Anyone can hire their services on meagre payments, while their brains are totally washed and killing is a minor offence for them. Some of them even have ‘fatwas’ that they would go to heaven.

Karachi is a playground for all but Karachiites. They use it for their ulterior motives and run back to the place from where they came, leaving bad impression on the international investors, tourists and visitors.

I wonder by giving bad name to this city of Quaid, who would be getting benefit out of this, of course, enemies of this city. I wish we can bring back the charm, glamour and high spirit of Karachi back for that we all have to work hard day and night, keep an eye on subversive elements and form a network of information and action to cope up with situations pre-emptive. May Allah help us to restore brotherhood, which we had before and the evildoers will die their own death!