4,000 Bio-gas plants installed across Pakistan


Around 4000 Bio-gas plants have been installed across the country for demonstration purpose on cost sharing basis.
Bio-gas plant technology was introduced in 1974 in Pakistan.
Apart from Government, a number of NGOs have installed bio-gas plants for domestic use in the rural areas of Pakistan against the technical potential of about five millions digesters based on its suitable climates and availability of feed stock – the cow-dunk.
Sources said that the major contribution and introduction of the Bio-gas technology is by Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET), an autonomous organization of Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST) was focusing on developing renewable energy technologies to meet future energy requirements of the country.
“PCRET has also involved in the R&D to improve the performance and efficiency of Bio-gas plants especially in cold and low temperature conditions for adoption and improvement of different models in view of local culture and environmental conditions” sources added.
“PCRET is providing technical know-how and guidance for installation of large size Bio-gas plants for water pumping and power generation” sources observed adding that MoST thorough its number of organizations was working on the R&D and manufacturing of Solar energy gadgets.
Pakistan Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET), National Institute of Electronics (NIE), Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) and National University of 20 Science and Technology (NUST) has made considerable contribution.
Well placed sources, Friday, told ‘ONLINE’ that working on design and development of 6 watts, 12 watts, 18 watts and 46 watts LED lights to be illuminated through Solar energy was also underway.
The PCRET has designed and developed Solar Energy Geysers, Solar Lantern and other appliances and transferred to local manufacturers. Recently, PCRET and NIE have entered into a collaborative project with Telephone Industry of Pakistan (TIP) for production of Solar Lantern initially and later on other Solar energy products i.e Solar Street Lights, Solar water heaters and Solar fans etc.
NIE and PCRET will provide TIP technical know-how and basic materials whereas; TIP will use its production line for production of these items on commercial scale. NIE is also working on design and development of 6 watts, 12 watts, 18 watts and 46 watts LED lights to be illuminated through Solar energy.

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