Use of aloe vera prevents pollen allergy

Balanced diet and use of aloe vera with empty stomach daily is the best prevention for the pollen allergy contraction as it boosts one’s immune system.
Talking to PTV, Hakim M Rizwan recommended that one table spoon gel of aloe vera with empty stomach daily is the best prevention against pollen allergy.
He said that those who have weak immune system are more likely to fell victim to pollen allergy. He said that pollen allergy symptoms include sneezing and runny nose, itching and watering of eyes, coughing, difficulty in breathing, wheezing and eventually attacks of asthma. In addition, there may be itching on the skin and sometimes gastro-intestinal problems, he added.
He said that main plants causing, this allergy, are mulberry in March-April while cannabis in June-July. Replying to a question, he said pollen allergy is not infectious but a seasonal disease.
According to Pakistan Metrological Department average Pollen Count for Islamabad today is 2998.
He advised the pollen allergy patients to avoid the spicy food and pulse of maash, potatoes, cauliflower and banana adding that they must avoid soft drinks. He forbade use of perfumes, frequently going out in the evenings and suggested to wear face mask, use wet cloth for dusting, avoid the use of floor carpets, not to open the window of car, use vacuum cleaner instead of broom, use sun glasses in outdoor and apply fresh water in eyes and nose and avoid using hot water, are the measures which can control it to a limited extent.”
Last but not least, he advised the use of any oil including mustard oil for oiling the inner nostrils with finger as the best remedy to prevent pollen allergy. He suggested the individuals sensitive to pollens to take precautionary measures.