Pakistan should resume NATO supply: Karzai

Karzai 2

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged Pakistan to resume Nato supplies and charge increased levy, as it would benefit both Pakistan and Afghanistan.
He was talking to senior journalists over the breakfast gathering here on Friday.
Responding to questions about talks between the US and Taliban and role of Afghan government, he said we are aware of US-Taliban contacts but we would decide where to hold Afghan-Taliban talks.
Karzai stressed that the Taliban can open office in Qatar but Kabul will hold talks in Turkey or Saudi Arabia with them.
To another question regarding Indian influence in Afghanistan, Karzai said Pakistan does not need to worry about it as Pakistan and India are already engaged in trade agreements.
Hamid Karzai admitted that the Afghanistan army was being trained by the Indian army.
However, he said Afghanistan has no objection if Pakistan Army train the Afghan soldiers and his government was considering the option, but trust deficit between the two countries is a hurdle.
The Afghan leader said Pakistan has to play key role in talks with Taliban and sought Pakistani assistance for negotiations. He emphasized that the United States could not talk with the insurgents on behalf of Afghanistan, he added.
Talking on closure of supplies to Nato, Karzai called for restoration of the supplies adding it will benefit both Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Replying a question, Afghan President said he has no objection over the Afghan Army’s training in Pakistan but the two sides lack mutual trust over the matter.

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