New left party launched; seeks a stronger Sindh

Sindh National Movemen

It is the season of new political parties emerging in the province as the formation of the Sindh National Movement (SNM) was announced here on Sunday while another party, which would include Marvi Memon, will be launched on January 22 in Bhit Shah. Prominent leftist leader Sobho Gyanchndani presided over the opening session of the SNM announcement. According to the SNM manifesto, the party will oppose the army’s interference in political affairs and it wants the elected government to complete its tenure. The party’s motive will be a politically, culturally, economically and geographically independent Sindh. It wants to see Sindh as it was in 1843 before the British conquered it. It believes in parliamentary politics. It considers Zulfikarabad as a new Israel and it will struggle to bring this project to an end.
The president of the party will be Ali Hassan Chandio and general secretary Hassan Samo. Speaking on the occasion, Gyanchandani said those who wish to speak the truth are refrained from doing so. “These people, including me, have received life threats. They want to shut our mouths,” he added. Ali Hassan Chandio, the central president of SNM, said that after the creation of the new political party, they will celebrate 2012 as the year of training of political workers across Sindh. “Study circles will be established. There will be a ban on carrying pictures of party leaders and chanting slogans in their favour. There will also be a ban on workers standing up when the leader of their party comes on the dice to speak,” he added.
Another political party, possibly named Ekta Party, will be announced at the Shrine of Bhit Shah in Matiari district on January 22. It is expected that former MNA Marvi Memon and Mehtab Akbar Rashdi will join that party, which would strive for the rights of the province.