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Channd Raat: women throng henna stalls

With advent of Eid ul Fitr and Chaand Raat henna stalls have been set up in different areas of federal capital while large number of women including children have started to throng

Eid Prayer timings for Rawalpindi/Islamabad

06:10am Degree College Asghar Mall 06:30am Madras-e-Milat-e-Islamia 07:00am Garden College 07:15am Eidgha Police Ground G/7 Jamia Masjid Ashila H-8 Jamia Masjid Sulman Farsi Jamia Masjid Syedena Hasan 07:30am Eidgha Markaz Taramri Chowk

Now, the fallout

The politics unravelling The PPP leadership has deprived Zulfiqar Mirza of the basic membership of the party on the ground of “unacceptable violation of the party discipline’’ without controverting the extremely serious